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Spell Catcher—The Ultimate Spell Checking and Writing Software for Mac and Windows

Spell Catcher is a powerful, all-in-one spell checking and writing software solution—a program that’s so much more than a spelling checker, its name only hints at its capabilities. With Spell Catcher, you’ll write better and faster—in virtually any application. Use it to spell check e-mails, letters or documents, instant messages, and more! Spell Catcher can watch for errors as you type, and automatically fix common typos. Shorthand Glossaries let you define your own abbreviations for repetitive phrases—even thousands of characters long! Use the dictionary or thesaurus to look up a word you’ve just typed to check its meaning or search for a more precise alternative.

Spell Catcher is more versatile and feature-rich than any built-in spell checker. Enhance your writing experience! Download a free trial version of Spell Catcher today, and see for yourself why it’s been so popular for so long. Available for both Mac and Windows.

Why You Need Spell Catcher

Why do you need Spell Catcher when many of the programs you use have a built-in spell checker? Here are a few of the reasons, as told to us by our customers:

  • Spell Catcher Menu and Look Up screenshotSpell Catcher works in all your programs. Spell Catcher’s features are universally available, almost anywhere you can enter text, in all applications—word processors, email, web browsers, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, multimedia software, and more.
  • You have only one piece of software to learn. From now on, spell checking involves exactly the same user interface, keystrokes and commands—in every program.
  • Shorthand typing. Type a few letters, and Spell Catcher automatically expands them into complete words, sentences, or paragraphs. Save wear and tear on your fingers, hours of typing time, and thousands of keystrokes.
  • One set of user dictionaries. Teach Spell Catcher a new word once, and it’s available everywhere. Add a new shorthand to fix a typo, and Spell Catcher will autocorrect it always. You don’t have to do it again (and again), in every application that has a built-in spelling checker.
  • Spell Catcher does much more than any built-in spelling checker. There’s really no contest. Does your spell checker have all of these features?

One Writing Tool, All Your Applications

If you type on your computer, you’ll probably find a Spell Catcher feature that helps you.

  • Check spelling as-you-type, after-you-type, anywhere you type, at any time. Whether you’re creating the next best selling novel, chatting, emailing, or filling in forms online. Spell Catcher works in word processors, email applications, web browsers, spreadsheets, databases, graphics or multimedia applications—just about anywhere you can enter text.
  • Write faster, better, and with more confidence using Spell Catcher’s extensive automatic features. Spell Catcher corrects typos, spelling errors, and “smartens” punctuation. Spell Catcher’s shorthand glossary feature can save you thousands of cumulative hours of typing, by typing your commonly-used words, phrases, and paragraphs for you. Even boilerplate text, thousands of characters long, can be inserted with just a couple of keystrokes. Spell Catcher’s completion feature can even finish what you’ve started to type.
  • Conveniently look up words, synonyms, meanings, and more, using Spell Catcher’s built-in dictionary and thesaurus, or from online dictionary servers over the internet.
  • Add new words and shorthands to your own custom references. Only once—not separately in each application for it’s own built-in proofing tools.
  • Spell Catcher is ideal for multilingual users, and is available in up to 15 different languages.
  • Ghostwriter saves what you type while you type it, making it possible to recover your work after a crash or other similar disaster.
  • Quickly manipulate, modify, format and clean up text. Analyze your writing using Spell Catcher’s statistics and word counting tools.

Some features are only available in specific Spell Catcher product(s). This will be indicated where applicable.

Check spelling while you type, after you’re done, or anytime in-between

With Spell Catcher, you can check your spelling whenever and wherever you want. Get alerted about errors as you type, so you can correct them on-the-spot. Check spelling after you type, whether it’s only a single word, selected text, or an entire document. Spell Catcher automatically corrects commonly misspelled words—instantly, often without you even noticing. Spell Catcher not only looks for misspellings and typos, but also finds capitalization errors, missing capitals, repeated words and punctuation problems.

Spell check as you type

Interactive checking movie When interactive checking is turned on, Spell Catcher is watching what you type so you can make corrections as you are writing. Spell Catcher can alert you when an error is detected with your choice of sounds or voices. Set different alerts for each type of error, or use visual instead of audible alerts—it’s up to you. Whenever Spell Catcher sees that you have made an error, a list of suggested words appears. You can choose to see the list in a separate suggest spelling window, or in a pop-up list. The list is comprehensive, so when you find the correct word, simply select it with the mouse and press enter, or type in the number beside the right word—Spell Catcher types in the correction for you, instantly and automatically.

Spell check after you type

Check Selection screenshotTo check your document after you’ve finished typing, use Spell Catcher’s Check Selection command. Spell Catcher pastes corrections into your document all at once. Interactive checking and after-the-fact checking aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s perfectly OK (in fact, quite common) to let Spell Catcher check spelling as you type-and also to check your spelling all at once just before you print or turn in your document.

DirectCorrect™—the best of both worlds

(Spell Catcher X for Mac OS X only)

DirectCorrect screenshotNew in Spell Catcher X 10.3, DirectCorrect is an entirely new way to check and correct your documents. DirectCorrect combines the “write now, check later” capabilities of Check Selection, and the “make an error, fix it now” instant satisfaction of interactive checking. The result is a totally new, “best of both worlds” experience. Without leaving your document, you can instantly check it for errors, see them highlighted (boldly, color-coded, according to error type), and correct them. In any order you like, when it’s convenient.

Fully integrated

(Spell Catcher X for Mac OS X only)

Spelling panel integrationSpell Catcher aims to be compatible with all the programs you use it with. But there’s more to true compatibility than that. Spell Catcher X fully integrates into the Mac OS itself, making its features and capabilities available via all the standard Mac OS X tools—wherever it makes sense. The most obvious is the system-wide spelling service. Spell Catcher integrates fully with the standard Mac OS X Spelling Panel. This means your customized references (including shorthand glossaries) are available there as well! Choose a Spell Catcher language from the pop-up menu in the Spelling Panel, and Spell Catcher does the checking, supplies the suggestions, and learns new words. This applies to all the spelling-related commands, usually found in the Edit > Spelling and Grammar menu, including Check Spelling While Typing. Spell Catcher will pass any grammar checking requests through to the Mac OS X built-in grammar service for the selected Spell Catcher language (on Mac OS X 10.5, where available).

Spell Catcher does it automatically

Whether it’s AutoCorrect, AutoText, AutoReplace, AutoFormat, AutoComplete or Snippets you’re after—Spell Catcher’s got you covered. Let Spell Catcher fix typos, smarten punctuation, finish what you’ve started to type, and do the repetetive typing for you. Automatically, instantly, invisibly—often without you even noticing.

Shorthands—AutoText to the extreme

Spell Catcher can save you hundreds of cumulative hours of typing—and wear and tear on your hands and wrists—by typing for you. Using Spell Catcher’s shorthand glossary feature, you can create self-expanding shorthand abbreviations that save you typing and ensure spelling consistency. Create hundreds of shortcuts to boilerplate text responses, long URLs, entire signatures, addresses, names, phrases—anything you find yourself typing repeatedly. Reduce an entire form letter to a three-letter abbreviation! Spell Catcher’s shorthand expansions can include dates and times, formatted almost any way you’d like.

AutoCorrect—instantly fix typos

Spell Catcher automatically corrects commonly misspelled words and typos, often without you even noticing. Spell Catcher includes a list of close to 4,000 common typos (for US English) and spelling mistakes. Add your own automatic corrections—there’s virtually no limit to the number you can create and use!

AutoFormat—work faster, look smarter

Ever hold down the shift key too long? Or forget to use it when you should have? Let Spell Catcher fix those DOubled CApitals, capitalize the first word of a sentence, and fix capitalization of proper nouns—instantly and automatically. Write like a pro—have Spell Catcher automatically “smarten” quotation marks and other punctuation to be typographically correct—for the language you are writing in at the time. Change regular dashes to en or em dashes. Prevent double spaces—a habit from the days when you used a device called a typewriter.

AutoComplete—let Spell Catcher finish what you started

With the Complete command, words, phrases, shorthands, names, e-mail addresses, and more are found and typed for you. All you need to type is the first few letters of what you’re after, and Spell Catcher will type the rest. Set up Spell Catcher to complete words from the dictionary, thesaurus, shorthand glossaries and your own custom word lists. As with most of Spell Catcher’s preferences, you can have different settings for each of the applications you use. This is especially handy when it comes to completion. You may only want to show completions for e-mail addresses in your Internet apps, but show matching shorthands and words in your word processor.

Your Address Book, everywhere

(Spell Catcher X for Mac OS X only)

Spell Catcher’s Address Book completion can automatically complete e-mail addresses, names, phone numbers and postal addresses, by finding matching contacts based on what you’ve started to type. The promise to have the contents of your Address Book available everywhere has now been realized!

Phrase completion

(Spell Catcher Plus for Windows only)

Phrase completion movieSpell Catcher will record all phrases that you type and then subsequently present them to you in a list as you begin typing them again. Then, you can easily select them from the list, rather than type them out again. It’s as close as it gets to reading your mind!

Spell Catcher’s dictionary and thesaurus—the ideal writer’s reference

Thesaurus and dictionary movieEven if you never make a typo and have perfect spelling, you may well get mileage out of Spell Catcher’s second persona: a writer’s reference book. In less time than it would take you to even find a traditional dictionary on your bookshelf, you can look up the definition of any word in Spell Catcher, consult one of Spell Catcher’s thesauri to find synonyms, antonyms and other related words (in up to eleven languages), or access one of the many Dictionary (DICT) Servers that are available on the Internet.

Find the perfect word

Finding exactly the right word has never been easier. Use Spell Catcher’s thesaurus to find synonyms, antonyms, compared, related and contrasted words. Spell Catcher’s built-in U.S. English thesauri offer over two million responses for almost 120,000 words.

Find the meaning

Spell Catcher is also a miniature Webster’s, giving you instant definitions for nearly 80,000 English words. Using the definitions dictionary is no different from using the thesaurus—it’s all in the Look Up window. You can even ask Spell Catcher to say the word you are looking up, to hear the correct pronunciation.

Find it online

(Spell Catcher X for Mac OS X only)

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Spell Catcher’s Thesaurus or dictionary definitions, why not consult the Internet? Spell Catcher seamlessly integrates with numerous online Dictionary Servers—all from the Look Up window.

Find it fast

Use the thesaurus to improve your writingLook up the word you just typed, the word selected in your document, or something else entirely by typing it into the Look Up window. You can even drag text to the Look Up window to look it up. After you look up a word from your document, you can replace it with the one you really wanted with a single keystroke or mouse click.

Avoid the “user dictionary dance”

When you add new words to the Spell Catcher dictionary—say, your last name, or words specific to your industry—you do so only once. You don’t have to teach the same words to every other program that has a built-in spell checker. Maintain one set of customized words and use them in all your applications!

No limits

Outside of your computer’s memory and disk space, there’s no limit to the number of custom words or shorthands you can add to a Spell Catcher reference, and no limit to the number of customized references you can create and use at once.

Stay organized

Organize your references as learned words, shorthand abbreviations, and omitted words. Spell Catcher offers an omitted word reference for words that you don’t want to refer to when making spelling suggestions.

Multilingual spell checking and thesaurus look up

  • Spell Catcher is ideal for multilingual applications. Spell check in up to 16 different languages, look up meanings, synonyms, antonyms and more in up to 12 languages:
    • U.S. Flag US English
    • British Flag British English
    • French Flag French
    • Canadian French Flag Canadian French
    • German Flag German
    • Swiss German Flag Swiss German
    • Italian Flag Italian
    • Spanish Flag Spanish
    • Swedish Flag Swedish
    • Dutch Flag Dutch $
    • Canadian Flag Canadian English $ 1
    • Portugal Flag Portuguese $ 1
    • Brazil Flag Brazilian Portuguese $ 1
    • Denmark Flag Danish $
    • Russian Flag Russian $ 1 new language!
    • Norway Flag Norwegian Bokmål $ new language!

Switch languages with a single keystroke

If you write in different languages and switch from one language to another frequently, assign a keyboard shortcut for each language, and keep your hands on the keyboard. You can even set a different default language for each application you use—perhaps French in Microsoft Word, and English in your email application.

One custom reference, multiple languages

Your customized word lists and shorthands can be there for you no matter what language you happen to be writing in. No need to duplicate your efforts!

Available everywhere

(Spell Catcher X for Mac OS X only)

All Spell Catcher languages are available when using the standard, system-wide Mac OS X spelling service. This includes your customized references (including shorthand glossaries). Choose a Spell Catcher language from the pop-up menu in the Spelling Panel, and Spell Catcher takes over from there. This applies to all spelling-related commands, usually found in the Edit > Spelling and Grammar menu, including Check Spelling While Typing. More about Spell Catcher’s Spelling Panel integration can be found in Spell Checking.

1 Spelling only, Thesaurus not available.

$ Extra Cost: $10USD.

Ghostwriter—safety when you haven’t saved

It’s happened to everybody, including you: a system crash, freeze, or marauding four-year-old interrupts your writing session before you’ve had a chance to save your work. Even if you’re a religious saver, reflexively pressing Command-S after typing each paragraph, that’s still one precious paragraph of carefully reworked prose that’s gone forever.

Or how about this: you were on the phone with somebody who started rattling off an important phone number. There was no time to launch your address book program, so you typed the number into whatever you were working on—maybe even the margins of your page layout program-intending to transfer it to a more logical place when you had the time. And now that it’s a week later, you can’t find that number anywhere. You simply don’t remember where you typed it. It’s lost somewhere in the digital canyon of your hard drive.

Or maybe you’re desperate to visit some website that you remember seeing a couple of weeks ago—but you just can’t remember the address.

In all of these cases, the Spell Catcher feature called Ghostwriter could have saved you. As you type, wherever you type, Ghostwriter silently keeps an up-to-date set of text files deep in your System Folder. You don’t have to save, you don’t have to do anything special—you don’t even have to remember that Ghostwriter is turned on. When the worst comes to pass, however, you can open these text files to find every single word you typed in every single program on every single day-safe.

Ghostwriter has saved many an author many an hour of soul-searching and hard drive-searching in the quest to retrieve text that would otherwise have been lost.

The Ghostwriter advantage

Spell Catcher’s Ghostwriter has a major advantage over other key-logging software—it’s built on top of an interactive writing tool, so it keeps a much more accurate picture of what’s actually in your document. This makes recovering your work much easier. If you want more details, we’ve got them.

The professional editor

If you ever need to whip some text into shape, Spell Catcher’s Modify Selection commands and Macros may be just what you need. They can massage enormous chunks of text in seconds, converting mangled e-mail text into neat paragraphs, converting pages of ALL CAPS TYPING into normally capitalized writing, make straight quotes curly or curly quotes straight, get rid of any extra spaces, and so on.

Count and analyze

Use Spell Catcher’s Statistics Modify Selection command to determine your document’s readability, along with the number of paragraphs, sentences, words, characters—even syllables. If all you need to know is how many words there are, then the Word Count command should do the trick.

Always available

(Spell Catcher X for Mac OS X only)

Spell Catcher often gives you more than one way to access its features or accomplish a given task. As an example, Spell Catcher X’s Modify Selection commands can be found in a number of places:

  • Spell Catcher’s Input menu > Modify Selection
  • Application menu > Services > Modify Selection
  • Application menu > Services > Spell Catcher menu
  • Spell Catcher’s Dock menu > Modify Selection (right-click or click-and-hold Spell Catcher’s icon in the Dock)

Single user licenses start at just $29.95 USD, and can be purchased from our online store at Kagi. See our Purchase page for more details.

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