Welcome MacUpdate Bundle Customers!

We at Rainmaker Research Inc. would like to thank you for purchasing the MacUpdate Bundle, and for stopping by to find out more about Spell Catcher X! Day one revealed a couple of problems related to Spell Catcher X for some customers, and we’ve been working hard to solve them.

Licensing Issues

Most of the licensing-related problems affected customers with accented characters in the name used to purchase the bundle. We’ve seen two different issues:

  1. The license information returned from our server to MacUpdate’s got mangled (encoding mismatch of some sort), and appeared incorrect in the email you received from MacUpdate after purchasing the bundle.

    In most cases, the name that was actually added to our database was fine. In a very few cases, it was equally mangled.

    We’ve fixed some of these, but please get in touch if something’s not right in your MacUpdate receipt.

  2. A bug in the version of PHP on our server causes incorrect generation of license keys, when the licensee’s name contains accented characters. So even if your license information was correctly generated and displayed in your MacUpdate receipt, trying to license your copy of Spell Catcher X (either by download or e-mail) would fail with an “invalid key” error.

    We’re pleased to report that we’ve found a way to work around this bug in most cases—only those with apostrophe or quote characters in their names will still encounter this problem. Please get in touch if that describes you, and we’ll take care of it.

    So if you ran into this licensing problem, and your license info appears to be OK, just try downloading or emailing yourself your license key again. To determine if your license was created properly, please email it to yourself from our Lost Licenses page.

Very Busy Website!

The activity level at MacUpdate was definitely up there! As of this writing, over 10,000 bundles have been sold. Of course, some of that traffic spilled over to our website. At times we ran into limits imposed by our hosting provider—limits we weren’t aware of because we didn’t read all the fine print.

Problems generally of the “Resource limit exceeded” variety, and luckily, would clear up when the activity level dropped. Apparently there’s a limit on the number of connections we’re allowed—whether it’s a web browser, license key request, or MacUpdate’s server asking us to generate a license when a purchase is made. There’s not a whole lot we can do about this (besides upgrading our hosting plan to a dedicated one), but I suspect today was the busiest that we’ll see over the next two weeks. So if you encounter this, just try again.

We know of one case where this resulted in a failed license generation, indicated as such on the actual MacUpdate receipt. We’re not sure how to proceed quite yet—generally the MacUpdate folks will run the purchase info through their scripts again. This is so the proper license info will actually appear when you log into your customer page on their site. Hang in there, we’ll find out more soon.

Language Purchases

We’ve been trying to keep up with these as best we can, updating licenses in our database quickly. Please be patient if we can’t get to it right away. Remember we’re not necessarily in the same time zone you are, and it’s possible I’m at the park with my dogs, or grocery shopping, or maybe even trying to get some rest.

Remember, updating licenses for purchased languages is a manual procedure. We have to find your license in our database, modify it, and send you an email with a note that you’re good to go. Since your Spell Catcher license was purchased separately from MacUpdate, it helps greatly if you use the same email address when purchasing a language from our online store at Kagi. The only info we have to hunt down your license is the name and email address you used when you bought the bundle. If you use different names and email address for each, it’s going to take longer. We’ll have to fire off an email asking you for more info.

Getting Started

If you’re not familiar with Spell Catcher, it’s been around for a long time. Here’s our best advice for getting started:

  • Watch our Video Tutorials.
  • In the Spell Catcher application, choose Help > Spell Catcher Help, read the welcome, intro, and follow the Crash Course Tutorial.
  • Read the Spell Checking chapter in the Help Book.
  • If you have a question or problem, search our FAQs, our support forums, and our entire website.
  • Read the rest of the Help Book.
  • Fire off an email to us if you’re still stuck. Realize we’re mega-massively busy right now, please be patient if we can’t get back to your instantaneously.

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