MacUpdate Bundle Customers Please Read This!

We’re becoming aware that some of you are having trouble licensing your copy of Spell Catcher X. The problem seems to be related to the licensing-related information you get from MacUpdate. The Spell Catcher X license details aren’t appearing properly (formatting, encoding) in some email clients and web browsers. As well, instructions are not included in the email, and hard to locate in the receipt on their website.

If you’re having problems, do this:

  1. Look for an email from our licensing (at) address. Check any caught junk mail if it’s not in your inbox. If you can’t find it, send your license info to yourself from our Lost Licenses page.
  2. In that email, there is a “Click here” link. Click it. Press return twice, and you’re done! One click, no typing—so no typos.

Sorry for any inconvenience. We’re working on it!

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