Do Not Install Safari 5.0!

There’s a nasty bug in the version of WebKit that Safari 5.0 installs. I’ve filed a report, but there is no work around. This bug causes Spell Catcher’s Look Up feature to crash.

If you’ve already installed Safari 5.0, please report this problem to Apple. Send the crash report to them. Use the “Report bugs..” command in the Safari application as well. I have filed a bug report, including a small Xcode project that reproduces their bug with ease.

Details: Look Up uses WebKit’s WebBackForwardList to keep track of your Look Up history. Adding a new item (via -addItem:) to a WebBackForwardList now crashes. Any application that does the same thing (with a WebBackForwardList that is has created). Spell Catcher X has been using these same APIs in the same way for years. This is not related to the Spell Catcher X 10.3.5 update we released last week. All versions of Spell Catcher X are affected by this.

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