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Privacy Policy

We believe very strongly in our customers’ right to privacy. Our customer records are not for sale or trade, and we will not disclose our customer data to any third party except as may be required by law.

About the Information We Collect

Our Web servers collect general statistics about visitors to this site, but these statistics do not identify individual users or their activity while using this site. This information includes which pages are visited, the page that referred you to our site, and information about your browser and the OS you are using.

Any information that you provide to us via our Product Registration form is stored in our own private and secure customer database, and is held in strict confidence. The only Product Registration information we collect that is mandatory is your name, e-mail address and product serial number(s). You may optionally choose to give us more information about yourself.

Any information that you provide to us in the course of interacting with via e-mail is held in strict confidence. This includes your contact information as well as any data that you supply to us in the course of a technical support interaction.

Rainmaker Research Inc. uses Kagi, a trusted name in the e-commerce community, for the collection and processing of sales of our products. Kagi uses secure servers and Verisign Digital IDs to ensure your transaction and credit card information is safe from interception and alteration. Kagi will never send your credit card information to us.

How We Use the Information You Provide

The Web server statistics that we collect help us with site administration and to improve the site itself. When you submit a question via an online form, your e-mail address allows us to reply to you and answer your queries.

We use the customer information we receive from Kagi when you make a purchase online, or that you provide to us using our Product Registration form, solely to provide you with features such as retrieving lost serial numbers. If at any time you wish us to remove you from the customer database, send a request to our support e-mail address. You may also request to see your personal information or have us modify or update it.

We currently provide a way for you to send yourself an e-mail with license codes and related information for all your Spell Catcher products, without having to contact us.

Links to Other Web Sites

This site may contain links or references to other Web sites. Please be aware that we do not control other Web sites and that, in any case, this Privacy Policy does not apply to those Web sites. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of every Web site you visit.

Public Forums

The information posted in our public forums can be viewed by any visitor to this site. Only registered members of our Message Board can post to these public forums. Rainmaker Research Inc. can not be held responsible for the content or information on these public forums. Please use caution when posting personal information.

We have turned off all the features that allow members to send e-mail or personal messages to other members. As well, no member’s e-mail address is visible to any other member (unless, of course, someone composes a message containing their e-mail address). Only the forum administrator can view a member’s e-mail address.

Our public forums are search engine spidered. We recommend that you don’t post e-mail addresses in the content of your messages (the only way it would be visible at all), or any other information (street address or phone numbers, for instance) that you would rather not be indexed by one of the many search engines on the internet.

Refund/Return Policy

All Spell Catcher products purchased from Rainmaker Research Inc. come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. While we are confident that you will be happy with your purchase, we realize that Spell Catcher may not suit your needs. The following instructions outline how to go about obtaining a refund.

If You Purchased From Our Online Store At Kagi

You can obtain a refund from Kagi within 30 days of purchase by filling out and submitting a Refund Request Form to them. For more detailed information see Kagi’s Refund / Return Policy FAQ. Kagi then sends us both an e-mail regarding your refund request. Rainmaker will not dispute your request in any way as long as it is made within 30 days of your purchase. .

Updates, Upgrades and Sidegrades

Product updates and upgrades are applicable only to a given product for a specific operating system. Products designed for a given operating system cannot be updated or upgraded to the version of that product (if it exists) that runs on a different operating system.

We do offer discounted pricing to customers that purchase or have purchased a product from us, for the equivalent version of that product for a different operating system. See “Sidegrade Pricing” below.

We use a familiar x.y.z version numbering scheme, where x is the major version, y the minor revision number, and z the bug-fix number. You may note that we are somewhat cautious about “bumping” version numbers - especially the major one. We won’t increase the major version unless we have added many new, important, or breakthrough-type features to one of our products. Minor revisions generally include dozens of new features and enhancements - usually our bug-fix versions will as well. Just visit the various “What’s New?” pages in the Products area of our site to see for yourself.

Upgrade Grace Period

If you purchase a product from Rainmaker Research Inc., you are entitled to a free upgrades, major and minor, free or pay-for, for one year. Bug-fix updates are always free.

“Sidegrade” Pricing

If you have purchased a full single-user license for a Spell Catcher product from us, and would like to purchase the product for a different operating system, we offer a 25% discount (USD $30 instead of $40). As an example, if you purchased a full Spell Catcher X license from as, you can purchase one for Spell Catcher Plus or Spell Catcher 8 at a 25% discount.

Sidegrade Rules and Restrictions

Only one “sidegrade” purchase allowed per license. Applicable only to full single-user license purchases made from Rainmaker Research (i.e. not from Casady & Greene). Not applicable to single-user licenses purchased from us at a discount (educational or other special orders). Not applicable if you have only purchased an upgrade from us. Not applicable to “Lite” single-user licenses.


We have a very flexible licensing system, and can create customized licenses if your needs are something other than what’s listed below. Feel free to contact us if you have a licensing-related question or requirement.


A Spell Catcher single-user license (“full” or “lite”) entitles you and your family members to run that version of Spell Catcher (X, Plus, or 8) on up to four (4) of your household, personally-owned computers. A single license is used to request a different key for each machine.

Our license key system keeps track of the number of different computers that a license code has been used to request a key for. This is done only at the time you request a key - generally only once per computer. Our software does not “call home” or otherwise communicate with our internet servers, unless that communication is initiated or otherwise specified by the user.

If you run into this limit for one of your license codes, and get a key request refusal, don’t panic, this is easy for us to remedy. This can happen over time, as you upgrade or repair your computer hardware. Just send an e-mail to our support address telling us you ran into this limit, and we’ll take care of it.

Corporate Use

Corporations are asked to purchase a license for each machine (seat) that Spell Catcher is going to be installed onto. Site licenses are available at a discount, with the size of discount dependent on the size of the site license (seat count).

For very large site licenses, or sites where security-related issues (limited internet connectivity, for instance) make it impractical to use our standard licensing system, we have licensing options that work well in those environments.

Changing, Transferring

If you would like us to make a change to your license information (stored in our secure licensing database), we can do that for you. You may want this done if you change your e-mail address, or (for example) if the name you used when making your purchase online isn’t quite what you want associated with your license.

We can transfer your license to another individual (in other words, change the name and e-mail address associated with it to someone else’s) after you purchase it, before it’s ever used. This might happen if you buy on someone else’s behalf, as a gift perhaps.

Send an e-mail to our support address if you need this done. It’s a manual process, so please allow us a day or so.

Terms of Use

All content on this site, including but not limited to text, graphics, movies, binaries, and other media, represent original works of Rainmaker Research Inc., unless otherwise stated, and are protected by international copyright laws. You may not use or redistribute any of the content on this site without our express permission.

Standard Disclaimer

Although Rainmaker Research Inc. always attempts to provide accurate, up-to-date information on this Web site, we assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Rainmaker may change the programs or products mentioned at any time without notice. Mention of non-Rainmaker products or services is for information purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

Rainmaker Research Inc. reserves the right to change these terms and policies at any time.

Date of last change: 12-Jan-09.

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