Tribute to Evan Michael Gross

Evan, founder of Rainmaker Research Inc. and author of Spell Catcher software, was an early adopter of Mac (Apple) computer technology. One of the first 100 mac owners, Evan was also one of the very first certified Apple-Mac software developers in Canada.

Born October 6, 1960 in Toronto, Canada, Evan earned his M.A.Sc. in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1985. Evan opted for taking the co-op program, which provided him with the opportunity to work in the early emerging software industry while earning his degree.

Evan started writing commercial software for the (then brand-new) Apple Macintosh and Thunder! was published in 1986. Thunder! was revolutionary at that time, in the early days of the software industry when the mac was brand new. Thunder! went through several evolutions and publishers, including a name change from Thunder! to Spell Catcher when the newly added windows version of the software package was released in 1998. Spell Catcher 8, published by Casady & Greene, 1999 added the first multi-lingual version. Evan started to publish and distribute the software online and released Spell Catcher Plus 2.6 by Rainmaker Research Inc. in 2005.

Spell Catcher is one of the most comprehensive software applications to assist writers, bloggers and anyone who writes in one or more languages on the computer.

Evan’s long-time, Flyball Champion and Jack Russel companion, Thunder (named after the very first released version of his software) scored a lot of points and won many awards on The Away Team, part of The Time Bandits Flyball Club, of which he was a founding member.

Prior to Evan's flyball days, he was a pioneer (daredevil), freestyle skiier, who had a lot to do with bringing the sport into the public eye and ultimately, into the olympics.

Evan was always ahead of the times, as an early adopter of emerging technologies, an innovator, a pioneer in freestyle skiing and flyball.

Evan will be fondly remembered by family, friends and the many people he met, helped, mentored and just hung out with.

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