Important Information for Casady & Greene Customers

If you purchased a Spell Catcher product from Casady & Greene please read the following to determine if the solution to your particular problem is available via one of our automated, self-serve systems.

Common Problems from Casady & Greene Customers

“I lost my Spell Catcher license code and need it to re-install the product.”

We may well have you covered! Visit our Lost License Codes page to see if we can help you help yourself.

If we can't find your license code that way, please read this FAQ on the topics of lost license codes, old e-mail addresses, and the limited amount of customer information that we actually received from C&G.

“I lost my Spell Catcher CD or downloaded installer I bought from C&G.”

If you need to download the installer for Spell Catcher 8 8.1.3 (the current version) or Spell Catcher Plus 2.1.4 (an old version that works with your "SCW" license code), and you know your license code, visit our Spell Catcher 8 and Spell Catcher Plus 2.1.4 Installer Download page to e-mail yourself a link you follow to download your installer. If you aren't already in our customer database, you may have to Register your products with us first.

To download the installer for the current version of Spell Catcher X or Spell Catcher Plus, simply visit our Downloads page to get whatever you need.

Other Common Problems

Follow the link describing your particular problem or question to read its corresponding FAQ.

Please read our FAQs that are directly related to these subjects.

We have provided solutions to the lost license codes and lost installers problem in the best manner that we are able to. These solutions had to be as "self-serve" as we could make them so we could get back to working on improving the products themselves.

We have provided free updates to all of our products for any C&G customer that knows their license code (Spell Catcher 8.1.3, Spell Catcher X 10.0.2, 10.1, 10.1.1, 10.1.2 and 10.1.3, Spell Catcher Plus 2.1.4). We have worked hard to try to accommodate Spell Catcher customers that purchased from C&G as best as we can.

We know that we will not be able to provide satisfactory solutions for everybody - there are numerous reasons why, and they are explained in detail in the FAQs. Please read these FAQs and any related threads in our Forums.