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Spell Catcher 8 for Mac OS 8.6, Mac OS 9, and Classic

CheckmarkSpell Catcher 8 Trial

This is a fully-functional, time-limited version of Spell Catcher 8 for Mac OS 8.6/9.x/Classic on Mac OS X. To keep this download a manageable size, only the U.S. English language databases are included. If you decide to purchase Spell Catcher 8, you will be receive instructions for downloading the full version of the program along with your license information. This trial version cannot be licensed into the full version.

StuffIt IconSpell Catcher 8 Trial

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UpdatesSpell Catcher 8 8.1.3 Update

Updates Spell Catcher 8 version 8.1.2 (C&G version) to version 8.1.3 (Rainmaker version).

Versions of Spell Catcher 8 prior to 8.1.2 must first be updated to version 8.1.2 using the Spell Catcher 8 8.1.2 Update.

We recommend using the Updater, it's a smaller download and will preserve all your preferences and settings. If you would like the full installer for archival purposes, simply use Lost Installers to make a request to download it whenever you feel you need it.

UpdatesSpell Catcher 8 8.1.2 Update

Updates Spell Catcher 8 version 8.0 and later to version 8.1.2.

This updater cannot be used with the 1.x versions of Spell Catcher.

CheckmarkSpell Catcher 8 Manual

This manual is included in the Spell Catcher 8 installer. For your convenience, we are making the Spell Catcher 8 manual available separately, as a StuffIt archive of the PDF.

StuffIt IconSpell Catcher 8 Manual

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CheckmarkFreeware for Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9, and Classic

CheckmarkThe DiskTools Collection

May 25, 2006 - The DiskTools Collection has been retired, and is now available for free! Read the "READ ME and License Code" document for the information you need.

The DiskTools Collection v3.3.4Free for Mac OS 8/9/Classic on Mac OS X.