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Vista & SpellCatcher

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#1 ian



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Posted 21 September 2006 - 12:10 PM

I have vista RC 1 installed (legally).
So I installed spell Catcher 3 with update 1842.

It is not working.
first, the help file doesn't work due to MSoft having dumped the WinHlp32.exe stating it's now obsolete, however that's not the fault of SpellCatcher.

I installed it three times to verify it's the program.
The 2nd & 3rd time I selected for the install file & also the program file the compatability mode of XP SP2.
And on the 3rd install also with run in Admin mode.

So, every time when I first start the program I do a test, e.g., I type in notepad, helol, it detects the misspelling, I select hello from the popup list, but it does not change the word.

From then on when I try other misspelled words or other things it does not respond in any way. Obviously I couldn't proceed any further.

I do miss the program, it's in a class of it's own.
BTW, the more I use Vista the more I like it, I am impressed & I do think I'll buy it when commercially released.

What are your thoughts on SpellCatcher & Vista, hopefully you'll modify it to work in Vista.

#2 John Tytler

John Tytler


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Posted 21 September 2006 - 08:14 PM

Hi Ian,

Thanks for this post!!!

I've been working with Vista for about 2 weeks now and pretty much have Spell Catcher working with it. The main problem was that Spell Catcher wouldn't replace characters in applications because Vista no longer allows generic apps to have immediate access to other applications through the Journal Playback Hook.

I had to apply for a digital signature for Spell Catcher so I could sign the application and rework a few of the internals as well cause they just wouldn't work in Vista.

So, I'll send you a version that you can try running in Vista. I noticed that removing a double word isn't working yet, but the rest seems pretty much ok.

I've been working on the word replacement algorithm as well. You may see the odd character at the beginning of a word not properly removed after a replacement has been done... I'm working on that.

That's all for now...
John Tytler
Author - Spell Catcher Plus
Rainmaker Research, Inc.

#3 ian



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Posted 23 September 2006 - 08:05 AM

Good man john,

Great stuff indeed.

It is working though I haven't given it a "full workout", however, at the moment it's doing all I need for now.

Selecting a word and replacing it with a similar word (thesaurus) works a treat.

A Double word is detected but not removed as you say. But the fact it is signalized (I used flagged here & Spell Catcher gave me another word), means that my attention is drawn to it for manual removing otherwis IId have missed it.