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Posted 04 October 2008 - 02:37 AM

The following was found in the Help topic for "How do you create a shorthand expansion?"

If your initials are "ask", its best not to create a shorthand that is also a word, since Spell Catcher will consider each typing of "ask" as a word and not look to see if it is a shorthand expansion.

I came across this and I have long used a workaround for this occurrence. I often use a person's initials when I take notes on the computer. Since it is likely that sooner or later you will come across someone's initials that represent a correctly spelled word, I have created a rule that works!

If the person's initials are ASK (see the example above), you need to have an abbreviation that will capitalize the letters without it being confused with the word "ask." You simply create an abbreviation aSk which will expand to ASK. While this might not appear to save any keystrokes, it does save the necessity of having to hold-down on the Shift key for all three letters. This is useful. This can also be applied to two letter initials, whereas you would create an abbreviation for aS to expand to AS, so as not to be confused with the word "as." The reason that you don't capitalize the first letter is that doing so would give you "Ask," which is a correctly spelled word.

The same technique can be used with abbreviations that will expand into several words, but sometimes you want the same letters to be all capitalized and not expand into the words. For example, "ssn" can expand to social security number, but sometimes you just want to use the acronym of SSN. Again, by creating an abbreviation of sSn to expand to SSN you get the desired result. Another example is "asap" might be set to expand to as soon as possible, but it you wanted to use ASAP, you can create the abbreviation of "aSap" to expand to ASAP.

Both of these examples have been very useful to me during the many years I have used SpellCatcher Plus.

I'd like to hear from others with your Tips and Tricks for using this Fantastic program !!!!!

Bill Deutchman