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Editing reference files

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#1 vjosborne



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Posted 10 September 2003 - 06:14 PM

Would like to find out how I can import .txt file medical dictationary into edited or learned word categories. Also, I reinstalled Spell Check on a different hard drive in same computer and when I went to the old drive to see if the edited words/learned words were still there, they went back to default of empty categories. Any input as to what happened? Did not change anything on the old hard drive.

#2 John Tytler

John Tytler


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 08:24 PM

Great Questions,

First, about Importing words: You can use drag and drop to drag a text selection or a .txt file into a word list. So the simplest way to add words into a Learned Words file is to open the edit dialog and then drag either a text selection or a .txt file into the actual list. Words that are not already found in another reference will be added to the list.

Additionally, there is a small utility program available which creates both Learned Word files and Glossaries from text files. Anyone interested can e-mail me and I'll forward it on. (E-mail john_at_rainmakerinc.com)

Second, about what happened to my references?:

Spell Catcher is configured to work with several users on a machine, so when you edit any references the files in "Spell Catcher Plus/References" are not actually changed. Instead, the modified references are saved under the same name in a folder path called <username>/Application Data/Spell Catcher Plus.

To find the files you are looking for do a search for all *.2sc or *.3sc files on your startup drive... you should find them there.

TIP: I find it most useful to not use the supplied empty Learned Word and Glossary files, but create your own with a specific name like "John's Words" and "John's shorthands". These files can be located anywhere or your machine. The advantage of using your own files is that they are easier to locate, identify, and back up.

Hope this helps,
John Tytler - Author, Spell Catcher for Windows