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SCP Is Officially Dead - Time to Move On

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Posted 10 November 2011 - 02:41 AM

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I'm really sorry not to have responded to these (entirely legitimate) concerns about the future of Spell Catcher Plus, and was hoping (waiting) to be able to give folks better news than I currently have to.

Basically, the developer of Spell Catcher Plus (John Tytler) felt he had to take a break from working on the product after his Mother passed away a few months ago. After a bunch of travelling, along with other (non-software related) work, he just couldn’t get back into working on Spell Catcher Plus for a few reasons. I keep hoping that he'll change his mind sometime soon, but that just doesn't appear to be happening.

It's quite unfortunate, as he was making good progress on the major Spell Catcher Plus upgrade he was working on. But the reality is/was that more work was needed before we could call it "shippable." He was having a great deal of difficulty picking up where he left off - too much time had gone by.

I don't want to close the Spell Catcher Plus forums - there are still customers out there that may have questions that we can answer. But the big one, "when's the next update?", isn't one we can give a "happy" answer to.

Sorry to take so long to give this news, but that's just the way things are at this time. And likely to be for the foreseeable future.

Evan: So how can you in good conscious continue to sell a product that given your statement above, has been abandoned? You are patently misleading, via your web site, any and all new customers regarding support. If you expect them to rely only on other users for support--that is very sketchy if not bordering on fradulent . Do you really have so little respect left for your company? You owe it to your existing and potential future customers to make the state of SCP public, post a very visible notice on your main web site and suspend sales until the product status is resolved. I mean c'mon, you're Canadian. We don't do this kind of stuff. Give your head a shake. Anyway, you've officially confirmed that I will have to abandon all hope of having my issues with SCP resolved, uninstall SCP from my (Win7 64) system and start searching elsewhere for a competitor's product. :angry: