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Learn command has two different keyboard shortcuts

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Posted 17 September 2012 - 07:23 PM

Since loading Spell Catcher onto my new Mac tower, I've had a few glitches.

The main one is that Spell Catcher wasn't allowing me to "Learn" words. When I'd type a word that I wanted SC to learn, normally, the drop-down window would appear, and I'd hit ⌃-L and SC would learn the word.

Initially, when I took the entire SC folder from my old Mac and placed it into the new Mac, this Learn feature didn't work at all. Not the shortcut, not selecting Learn in the drop-down menu, not even going up to the yellow arrow in the Finder menu and selecting "Learn Word" option.

Finally, I figured there was something corrupted in the "U.S. English - My Learned Words.learned" file (home:Library:Application Support: Spell Catcher: References), and I decided to just trash it and start the learning of words over from scratch (I had over 3,600 learned words). Doing this made the "Learn" feature—and more importantly, the keyboard shortcut—work again.

But now, after about 100 words learned, the ⌃-L shortcut doesn't work any more. Nor does selecting (with the mouse) the Learned option in the drop-down or the Finder menu option.

I never had this issue before with any version of my Mac. And I'm not even running Mountain Lion. I'm just staying with Lion (10.7.4) which worked perfectly on my last Mac and my MacBook Air. So it's not the OS. It's something in the application or file settings.

One last note: the keyboard shortcut is showing up different on the popup drop-down (which says it's ⌃-L) and the Finder menu option (which says it's ⌃-Posted Image-L). See two screenshots below.

Any ideas?