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Spell Catcher X with Mavericks

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Posted 05 April 2014 - 03:50 AM

Spell Catcher X with Mavericks


Spell Catcher X 10.4.1 last stable release was for Lion 10.7.x.


We do not recommend purchasing Spell Catcher for use with Mavericks or Mountain Lion. If you have Spell Catcher and are updating your system, Spell Catcher works with limitations in Mountain Lion and Mavericks


There are features do not work, we are compiling a detailed list but briefly:


Switching languages from the input menu does not work, this can be done manually through Spell Catcher Preferences, Language tab


Modify Selection features do not work through the input menu.


In Mavericks, if you quit Spell Catcher and then open up a text document or other program, Spell Catcher will open in the dock, but will NOT open up in the input menu UNLESS you choose the yellow checkmark from the input menu.


Setting up Spell Catcher in Mavericks


You can download Spell Catcher X 10.4.1 application from the rainmakerinc.com, downloads page for Mac OS (if you don’t have it already) Version 10.4.1 is a free update to SCX 10.4.


In Mountain Lion you will get a message about the application being from an unidentified developer. Simply RIGHT CLICK on the Spell Catcher X application Icon (likely in your downloads folder) and then choose the first item in the list OPEN. You will then be able to go through the installation process. Note This message did not appear for our tests with. 


In Mavericks, when you right click on Spell Catcher application icon and choose “Open” you will be prompted with a message about opening an application from the internet. Simply click the Open button.


Next in the installation process, you will be asked to install Spell Catcher IM and Spell Catcher.component. Click the Continue button to install the component and application.


Once Spell Catcher is installed go to set up your Apple System Preferences. 

IMPORTANT: Once you have set up Apple System Preferences you must RESTART YOUR COMPUTER for the changes to take effect.


In Apple System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources


Please see at the bottom of the Keyboard dialogue box, that the option to “Show input menu in the menu bar“ should be checked and the option to “Automatically switch to a document’s input source is not checked“. I am still testing what the unchecked feature does with respect to Spell Catcher and Mavericks. Will report on checked and unchecked state. For now “Automatically switch to a document’s input source“ is left unchecked.


In the left column see that Spell Catcher is there in the list of input sources.


Next in Apple Systems Preferences > Keyboard > Text tab > make sure to UNCHECK Correct spelling automatically (to turn off Apple auto spelling) and make sure to choose your preferred Spell Catcher Language. In the Spelling: Drop down list, at the bottom of selections, you can choose “Setup” to add language and move their order in the Spelling setup list.


Where it says Spelling: I have chosen US English Spell Catcher.


This is the dialogue box that comes up when selecting Setup from the Spelling drop down list. In Setup you choose languages by checking them off, and you can move them as well.


Then close Apple System Preferences, quite Spell Catcher and Restart your computer.


Now to set up your Spell Catcher Preferences, choose the yellow checkmark from your input bar


You will likely see a language icon, depending yon your region


Click on it and then choose the yellow check mark icon to open the Spell Catcher input menu


Choose Preferences from the Spell Catcher input menu OR by right clicking on the application Icon in the Dock.


Go to the Language tab. If you have the application drawer open as in the example, make sure you set Universal language. I have noticed that if one of the applications in the application drawer has a different language than universal, it will show up in the icon at times when clicking in and out of documents. It is best to either keep the application drawer closed or make sure you set the Universal to the language you prefer to use. With Mountain Lion and Mavericks setting the language has to be done manually in Spell Catcher Preferences using the Language tab.


How to Install or Update a Spell Catcher X 10.4.x Language



We strongly recommend that you Quit the Spell Catcher application before installing or updating any language plug-ins. Switch to the Spell Catcher application, choose Spell Catcher > Quit Spell Catcher.


Installing a Language Into Spell Catcher’s Application Support Folder


For the Currently Logged-In User


Easiest Way:

Open the Easy Install application (double-click it) to install or update all the languages on this installation disk image.


Equivalent Manual Method:

Drag the “languagename.language” file on this disk image into your home Library/Application Support/Spell Catcher/Additional Languages folder. If you are updating the language, simply replace the existing one:


For All Users


Note: You must have administrator privileges to install languages this way. This method applies in Mavericks as well.


  1. If it doesn’t already exist, create a folder named “Spell Catcher” in your Mac OS X startup volume’s /Library/Application Support folder:
  2. If it doesn’t already exist, create a folder named “Additional Languages” in your Mac OS X startup volume’s /Library/Application Support/Spell Catcher folder (the folder created in step 1):
  3. Drag the “languagename.language” file(s) from the installation disk image to the folder mentioned in step 2 (your Mac OS X startup volume’s /Library/Application Support/Spell Catcher/Additional Languages folder). If you are updating a language, simply replace the existing one

In Mavericks I was UNABLE to use easy install to install the Canadian English Spell Catcher Language so I followed the instructions above used for Leopard and manually created two folders in Library > Application Support folder > Spell Catcher > Additional Languages and then I simply dragged the Canadian English.language file into the Additional Language folder


I quit Spell Catcher after adding the language Canadian English.language into a newly created folder, I also restarted the computer.


Then I went back into Apple System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > and then in Spelling: choose Canadian English (Spell Catcher) form the drop down list. (now visible and available to choose after creating adding Spell Catcher > Additional Languages


I also went to Spell Catcher Preferences > Language and choose Canadian English from the Default spelling language pull down menu. I then quit and restarted Spell Catcher and the language settings were set.


In Mountain Lion and Mavericks Spell Catcher Interactive Spelling must be set in the Spell Catcher Preferences.  Auto Show suggestions must be set in Spell Catcher Preferences and does not work from the input menu.


To set up Interactive checking to Auo-Show Suggestions with either the Pop-up suggestion list or the Suggest Spelling Window go to Spell Catcher Preferences > Interactive tab > Spelling pane and the second item Showing suggestions, check the box that says Automatically, using Suggest Spelling Window or Pop-Up Suggestion List.


I have created an html document with screen caps which is attached to this post.

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