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Checking the WHOLE document

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#1 Creative Services

Creative Services


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Posted 12 September 2005 - 04:49 AM

Hello there,

We are new to this forum. We are a Creative Services Team of 5 designers and quality is key to the success of our department. As you can imagine spell checking is one of the most important elements.

From the User Manual we downloaded, the way we understand it is that we have to select the whole document then perform the check. 95% of our documents are copied and pasted into templates and we do our final spell check at the end before it is sent to the client. Unfortunately if we agree to all the changes the whole document reverts back to its original formatting. Is there a way around this? Are we doing anything wrong?

Look forward to your feedback

Kind regards,

#2 John Tytler

John Tytler


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Posted 12 September 2005 - 09:51 AM

Hi there and welcome,

Check selection currently works with one of three different clipboard formats - Plain Text, RTF, or HTML. If it is working with Plain Text - there is no format information - just text.

When running Check Selection, you can see which module is being used - it is listed near the top of the dialog. If Plain Text is listed - there will be no formatting information when the results are pasted back.

Spell Catcher looks for the presence of either HTML or RTF before electing to work with plain text, so there is a possibility that neither of these preferred formats are being made available on the clipboard by the application that you are using.

If you are using Quark, this is certainly the case. Quark has their own proprietary format that they put on the clipboard, leaving Spell Catcher to check just plain text. We have asked them about sharing this format with us, but never get a response. This results in the disappointing paste back results you have reported.

If you are not using Quark, let us know. To date, Quark is the only application that we know of that looses formatting information when results are pasted back.

Hope this answers your question, if not ask again,
John Tytler,
Author - Spell Catcher for Windows
Rainmaker Research, Inc.