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Bug Report: apostrophe + caret (^)

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Posted 01 August 2003 - 02:31 PM

There isn't a forum for bug reports, so I am posting this here. Let me know if this is not appropriate.

In SCX, when in French or Canadian French, with interactive checking on, try the following in a CARBON application (such as Word X or BBEdit):

type "d" followed by an apostrophe followed by the circumflex accent deadkey followed by a letter that is not compatible with the circumflex accent, such as "p". You'll get this:


Now press the delete key twice to delete the "p" and the circumflex accent, and type circumflex + "etre". You'll get this:


which is perfectly correct. Now type a space. SCX will flag this as a spelling mistake, and if you look in the SCX menu, you'll see that it believes that you've typed:


without the apostrophe!

This is clearly a bug.

In COCOA applications, things are a bit different, because if you use the circumflex accent deadkey with an incompatible letter such as "p", Mac OS X inserts nothing. But SCX still "holds" the circumflex accent in memory.

Then if you type circumflex + "e" after that, you'll get this:


but SCX will flag this as a spelling mistake again, this time believing that you typed


Here again, it's buggy -- even though the behaviour is somewhat different.

In both cases, it needs to be remedied.

I stumbled upon this by mistake, of course, when doing a typo and typing a "r" instead of an "e" after the circumflex accent.


Pierre Igot