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Using Spell Catcher X with Outlook 2011

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This article applies only to Spell Catcher X 10.3.3 and later, running on 64-bit Macintosh hardware on Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard).

These settings avoid a hang (crash) that can occur when using Outlook 2011. The crash is caused by a bug in Apple's WebKit.framework, related to Check Spelling While Typing being selected in Edit > Spelling and Grammar.

Suggested Settings

  1. Open Spell Catcher's Preferences, view the Interactive pane, select the Typing tab.
  2. Click the Applications icon in the toolbar to open the drawer and view the list of applications (if necessary).
  3. Add Microsoft Outlook to the list (if necessary) and select it.
  4. Select "Use input method component in this application where possible" (as shown below).
Outlook 2011 Use Component

Open Language & Text System Preferences, make sure that Spell Catcher's input method component is turned "On" (yellow checkmark without the "64" badge).

Component On

More Information

Read the Spell Catcher X Input Methods for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) chapter in Spell Catcher’s Help Book.

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