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Spell Catcher X Hints and Tips

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Help Tags are everywhere!

If you ever want to know what a particular button, control or other widget does, hover the mouse over the item in question for a few seconds. Spell Catcher X has help tags for almost every item in its user interface. Some are dynamically created - hover over the Shorthand button in the Check Selection window for instance.

Shorthand Help Tag

Interactive Checking & Input Method Related

First, read our FAQ about keyboard layouts and input methods if you aren't familiar with these Mac OS concepts.

You only need to activate Spell Catcher from the Input Menu if you want to use interactive checking or other as-you-type features.

If you're not a fan of interactive checking, or don't want it on because the task you're performing doesn't require it to be on, there's no need to activate Spell Catcher from the Input Menu. There are plenty of other ways to access Spell Catcher's commands.

  • The Dock Menu

    Right-click, control-click, or click-and-hold Spell Catcher's icon in the Dock. Chances are good that the command you need is in the Dock Menu.

    Dock Menu
  • The Services Menu

    Spell Catcher X adds two items to the Services menu - Modify Selection and Spell Catcher. If the application you are using supports Services (all Cocoa apps, an increasing number of Carbons apps - MS Office v.X apps do not support Services) you should use Spell Catcher's services for commands that operate on selected text. This is more efficient than using either the Dock menu or the same command from the input menu.

    Services Modify Selection
    Services Spell Catcher
  • From within the Spell Catcher application itself

    There are numerous commands that can only be accessed from within the Spell Catcher application itself. This includes editing Spell Catcher documents (Learned Words, Shorthand Glossary, etc.), Modify Selection Macros, and more. Don't forget that Spell Catcher is an application just like any other, and that Spell Catcher documents are no different from other documents you create and manage. They can be opened from the Finder, the Open Recent menu, from various places within the Spell Catcher application itself, from the Dock (if you place them there), or using any utility that has the ability to open documents (too numerous to mention).

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