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How do I use Spell Catcher X with the Mac OS X Spelling Panel so I can get those nice red error underlines?

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Spell Catcher X integrates fully with the standard Mac OS X Spelling Panel. The Spelling Panel is available in almost every OS X application written using Cocoa, and in a select few Carbon applications.

Using Spell Catcher X with the Spelling Panel is basically the same as using Apple's built-in spelling services, and provides more functionality than Apple's. Spell Catcher X will detect all types of errors (but can only detect Missing Capitals and Repeated Words when you use the Spelling... and Check Spelling commands), play your Error Signal sounds, and even allow you to make Shorthand expansions.

An Example of Using the Spelling Panel with Spell Catcher X

  • Launch TextEdit (a Cocoa application).
  • Choose Spelling... from the Edit/Spelling submenu. Optionally turn on Check Spelling As You Type.
    Spelling Menu
  • Click the Dictionaries popup menu, and you will see Spell Catcher's languages listed along with the standard Apple offerings. Choose the Spell Catcher language you want to use.
    Dictionary Menu
  • Errors are highlighted with the familiar red "squiggly" underlines. Control-click an error to see the suggestions/guesses.
    Control-click Errors
  • Spell Catcher X catches all kinds of errors, not just spelling.
    Repeated Word error
  • Spell Catcher X can play error sounds while using the Spelling Panel if you so desire.
    Error Signals

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