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How do I "Choose a Keyboard?"

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At certain times, you must choose a keyboard (flag icon) from the input menu to deactivate Spell Catcher X's input method. This may be required to Quit the Spell Catcher X application so you can update, uninstall or re-install the software.

View the QuickTime movie below to see how to do this. There are other ways as well - Mac OS X has built-in keyboard shortcuts for switching between keyboards and input methods. Visit System Preferences, International, Input Menu tab, click the Keyboard Shortcuts (or Options) button.

Once you have chosen a flag, you can log out or restart and Spell Catcher's input method will not activate.

Alternate Method

Starting with Spell Catcher X 10.1, you can also accomplish this (in most cases) directly from the Interactive pane of Spell Catcher's Preferences window.

Deactivate Spell Catcher

Note: Deactivating Spell Catcher's input method in this manner is not equivalent to "Choosing a keyboard" as illustrated above. We're not exactly sure why this is (Mac OS X bug?), therefore we recommend using the input menu.

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