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I just upgraded my "SCX" license, but it's still going to expire!

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Your "SCX" license will expire after three weeks - at least as far as Spell Catcher X 10.2 is concerned. It can still be used with previous versions of Spell Catcher X.

This does not mean that your Spell Catcher X 10.2 installation is going to expire, or is running in trial or unlicensed mode, or that you didn't upgrade your license correctly, or that upgrading your license failed.

After upgrading your "SCX" license, you will now see a new "X102" license in the list. It will have a small blue arrow to its left. The arrow indicates which license is currently being used. In other words, your newly-upgraded license is in effect, everything is just fine, and Spell Catcher is fully licensed.

As long as there is a license in the list with a blue arrow, and the caption at the top of the window reads "Software Licensed.", your copy of Spell Catcher X 10.2 is, well, fully licensed. Nothing further needs to be done!

But why do I still see my "SCX" license?

We purposely don't delete your old license file. If you want to delete your old "SCX" license file (it's just a file - you can re-create it at any time provided you have your licensing information) because it's somehow bothering you that an expiring or expired license is in the list even though you're fully licensed with your "X102" code, that's fine. Go right ahead. Deleting an expiring or expired license will not unlicense your installation if a license with a blue arrow is still in the list.

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