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Tell Spotlight to (Re)Index your Spell Catcher X References

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After you install Spell Catcher X 10.2.1 (or later) on Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger), Spotlight will not index your Spell Catcher reference documents until you actually make a change to one of them and save the change to disk. There are a couple of ways you can force (ask?) Spotlight to index your references.

Third-party utilities are available that present a nice UI for controlling your Spotlight indices. Take a visit to VersionTracker and search for "spotlight".

If you're OK with entering commands using the Terminal app (Applications/Utilities), you can use these commands (copy and paste them into the Terminal, hit enter):

  • If you placed the Spell Catcher application in your startup drive's Applications folder, the following will tell Spotlight to index every file that Spell Catcher's Spotlight plug-in can handle (Learned Words, Shorthand Glossary and Omitted Words reference documents):

    /usr/bin/mdimport -r /Applications/Spell\ Catcher.app/Contents/Library/Spotlight/Spell\ Catcher.mdimporter

  • If just want to index the Spell Catcher references in your own home directory (specifically, in Spell Catcher's Application Support folder, where most folks keep them):

    /usr/bin/mdimport ~/Library/Application\ Support/Spell\ Catcher/

We've wrapped the above two commands in executable Terminal .command files that you can double-click to run in the Terminal. These don't require admin privileges, and you can view them in TextEdit to re-assure yourselves that there's nothing other than the above commands in them!


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