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How to make an extra-cost Spell Catcher X language available for use and/or download

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If you own an extra-cost language plug-in for Spell Catcher X, your license should contain this information. Any additional languages associated with your license will be available for download directly from within the Spell Catcher application by choosing Spell Catcher > Get Updates and Languages.

For some, it may be necessary to refresh your license key to enable this feature. One reason would be that you licensed your copy of Spell Catcher X before purchasing the extra language.

Refreshing your license key is a simple procedure:

  1. In the Spell Catcher application, choose Spell Catcher > Licenses.
  2. Select your license in the list.
  3. Note what’s displayed in the caption below the list. Any additional languages you are licensed for should appear there. If not, you need to refresh your key.
  4. When you select a valid license in the list, the default button should have the title Refresh Key. This is what you should be seeing right now.
  5. Click Refresh Key, then click Download My License Key. Choose to Replace your existing key if given the option.

    Note: A change in the version of PHP or MySQL that runs on our server may cause you to see an alert stating “No changes have been made to this license. Your existing license key is already up-to-date”. This can happen if we add a language to your license on the same day your license was created. If this occurs, you can force a new key to be downloaded and installed. Press and hold the shift key when clicking Download My License Key, until you see the “Thank you for licensing Spell Catcher X!” dialog. You must keep the shift key pressed until your key has finished downloading—don't release it right after clicking Download My License Key. This will be fixed in the next maintenance release of Spell Catcher X.

Now you should see your extra languages in the caption when you select your license in the list, and you should be able to download these languages using the Get Updates and Languages command.

If you’re not seeing this, we may need to update your license in our database (adding extra languages to a license is currently a manual procedure). Send an email to support if this seems to be the case.

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