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How do I remove a Learned Word, Shorthand, or other entry from one of the default references? I am unable to make changes to these documents!

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The secret here is that you (provided your user account has the permissions to do so) need to unlock the file in the Finder. This makes it editable, and you can alter the contents as much as you'd like.

This is one of many ways to do it:

  1. Choose the Spell Catcher References command from either the Spell Catcher application menu, the Dock Menu, or the input menu. Whatever suits you best.
  2. Locate the reference you want to modify in the list - click the disclosure triangle for the reference's language if necessary.
  3. Select the reference in the list, click Show in Finder.
  4. In the Finder, choose File > Get Info (or type command-i).
  5. Deselect the Lock box in the Get Info window for the reference document.

You should now be able to edit the document freely within Spell Catcher.

Here's another way, basically the same, but perhaps more convenient in some situations:

  1. You know what the offending word or shorthand abbreviation is, use the Find in References command to locate the reference document it's in. To illustrate, your name is "Moe", but the U.S. English - Words to Correct glossary contains the shorthand "moe" -> "more". Every time you type your name, it comes out "More" - not what you want.
  2. Choose the Find in References command from the Window menu in the Spell Catcher application, the Dock Menu, the Services > Spell Catcher menu, or the input menu.
  3. Use Find in References to see where "moe" appears.
  4. You see the offending shorthand is in U.S. English - Words to Correct, select that item in the list, click Show in Finder.
  5. Same drill as above - Get Info in the Finder, unlock it.
  6. Back in Spell Catcher, the Find in References window shows the document as editable (no crossed-out pencil icon). Since you've already found "moe", and it's displayed and selected in the list, all you have to do is click Forget.

You should get the basic idea now - just locate the reference document you want to make changes to, unlock it in the Finder, go back to Spell Catcher and edit away. The Mac OS offers many ways to locate a file this way - navigate to it using the Finder (provided you know where it exists on your hard drive). These Spell Catcher references will generally reside in your home Library/Application Support/Spell Catcher/Additional References folder. Navigate there, select the one you need to edit, unlock and away you go.

Why are these files locked by default?

A few good reasons - the best being that we periodically update their contents with new Spell Catcher X releases. Only locked files are updated - this give us reasonable assurance that we're not trouncing a file that the user has modified. Unlocked files never get updated on the first run of a new version that contains new versions of any of these default references. It's your signal to us that it's been modified, and is now "your property."

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