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How do I uninstall Spell Catcher?

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All Spell Catcher products/versions require that you Quit or Exit Spell Catcher prior to uninstalling.

Spell Catcher X

Spell Catcher X also requires you to deactivate its input method by choosing a different input source from the input menu. See our FAQs related to these topics if you're having trouble - How do I "Choose a Keyboard?" and How do I Quit Spell Catcher?.

Use the Uninstall Spell Catcher X application that's on the installation disk image or CD. If you no longer have the installer, you can download the uninstaller from our Mac OS X Downloads page.

Spell Catcher Plus

Choose Exit Spell Catcher from the checkmark menu in the System Tray.

Use Window's Add/Remove Programs feature to uninstall Spell Catcher Plus.

Spell Catcher 8

Choose Quit Spell Catcher from the checkmark menu in the menu bar.

Use the Spell Catcher 8 installer, choose the Uninstall option from the main window.

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