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Licensing Spell Catcher Plus on a PC that is not connected to the Internet
These are the steps that you should follow to obtain and install a key for a PC that is not connected to the Internet NOTE: If you have a site license this procedure i
- 2004-03-11 - Similar Articles

Spell Catcher Plus not Responding...
Sometimes it appears that Spell Catcher Plus is not watching as you type even though Interactive Checking is enabled and Spell Catcher's checkmark in the system tray is yellow
- 2004-01-16 - Similar Articles

Formatting Information lost during Check Selection
If you're using Check Selection and notice that your formatting is lost after pasting your corrected text back into the application then read on. When Check Sel
- 2004-01-16 - Similar Articles

Check Selection results not pasted back into application
If you're using Check Selection and finish correcting the selected text and notice that the text isn't pasted back into the application - read on. When Check Se
- 2004-01-16 - Similar Articles

How do I uninstall Spell Catcher?
All Spell Catcher products/versions require that you Quit or Exit Spell Catcher prior to uninstalling. Spell Catcher X Spell Catcher X also requires you to deactiva
- 2006-10-07 - Similar Articles

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