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Register Your Products With Us

There's no need for anyone that purchases (or has purchased) Spell Catcher at our online store to register those purchases.
This is done automatically when your license(s) are created, so you can retrieve your license codes at any time.

Your privacy is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Please fill out the form below and click the Register button.

Fields marked with a checkmark are required.

An e-mail will be sent to the address you provide so you can confirm this registration.

You must complete this process for each product/license code you want to register. It is important that you register with a valid e-mail address and record that address for future reference. This e-mail address is the only way you will be able to retrieve your license codes if you should lose them.


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Lost License Codes"; else if ($errcode == SerialPending || $errcode == ResendEmail) $arrErrors['serial'] = "Registration for this license code is pending."; if (empty($arrErrors['serial'])) printf("
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"); } else { if ($errcode == RegComplete) printf("

Thank you for registering! An e-mail has been sent to $l_email in order to confirm this registration. Please follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail to complete the registration process."); else printf("

Another e-mail has been sent to $l_email in order to confirm your earlier registration. Please follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail to complete the registration process."); printf("

$l_email should receive this e-mail within the next hour or two.

"); } ?>

Having problems with this feature? Maybe you've found a bug. Describe to our webmaster the trouble you were having.

If you or your service provider use a junk mail or spam filter, and you suspect that the e-mail we send is being filtered or caught somehow, contact our support address, stating that you never received the product registration confirmation e-mail, and we'll confirm your registration manually. Note that you can always re-send this confirmation e-mail at any time by registering again as long as your registration remains unconfirmed.