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Spell Catcher 8 - Feature Overview

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Spell Catcher 8 provides the best collection of comprehensive writing tools you will ever need! The sleek user interface makes it easy to look up definitions, pronunciations, thesaurus entries, to check spelling, and more. Spell Catcher 8 also has extensive spelling and thesaurus databases for nine different languages, including US English, UK English, French, Canadian French, German, Swiss-German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

Spell Catcher 8 does it all in one application! It checks your spelling and punctuation interactively as you type. It corrects and modifies your writing using an extensive collection of writing modification modules such as form paragraphs, search and replace, statistics and more! Use Spell Catcher 8 to clean up e-mail and create macros that perform multiple text changes using a single keystroke and more.

You no longer need a lot of different applications-Spell Catcher 8 is all you need!

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