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Spell Catcher Plus Add-Ons

We periodically make additional specialized references and other add-on files available to Spell Catcher users. Contributed files are welcome! If you have a Learned Words, Shorthand Glossary, Modify Selection Macro or some other Spell Catcher-related doodad you think others will find useful as well, feel free to tell us all about it. We’ll take a look and consider it for this page.

OpenMedSpel US English Medical Terms

Courtesy of the folks at e-MedTools, we offer a Spell Catcher format Learned Words file that includes medical terminology from the MedSpel project. This reference contains over 35,000 medical terms not available in the U.S. English Medical Additional Spellings database. Use this file in conjunction with the standard U.S. English Medical Spellings for a grand total of nearly 60,000 medical terms!

eMedTools Icon OpenMedSpel US English Medical Terms Windows Zip Archive