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Font and Color Adjustment

Enhancing Correction, Expansion, and Phrase Completion Pop-ups

Example Correction ListVersion 2.5.0 introduced yellow pop-up correction lists. An example of this is shown to the right. This list would appear if you typed "examlpe". You simply press "Enter" or 1 to select the correct spelling, or use the mouse to click on your choice. You can also press the ESC key to have this word ignored or F2 to have Spell Catcher learn the word so you won't be warned the next time you type it.

People responded to this list, saying they really liked having corrections suggested as soon as the typing mistake was made. A few also mentioned that they wished that the characters were a little bigger in the list, because they had trouble reading them.

New Correction ListThis brings us to version 3.0. A new panel called Font and Color has been added to Spell Catcher's Settings dialog so you can adjust the font, its size, and the background color of each type of pop-up list. As shown to the left, you can now specify how you want the pop-up lists to appear.

Spell Catcher presents three kinds of pop-up lists. Hint: It best if you use a different background color for each so you can easily identify the kind of list that is appearing.

The three types of pop-up lists that are presented are :

Correction Pop-ups - These appear when a typo, capitalization, or double-word error is detected.

Expansion Pop-ups - These appear when you have typed a shorthand for an expansion, just before the expansion is to be inserted into your document. This gives you the chance to see the expansion before it happens.

Phrase Completion Pop-ups - These appear if you have Phrase Completion turned on and pause while typing. Spell Catcher looks up the word you've just typed or are in the process of typing to see if it can find any word or phrase that will complete it for you. A list of possible alternatives is presented if any are found. This list is generated from words and phrases that Spell Catcher has "seen" you type already.

An example of both an expansion pop-up and a phrase completion pop-up are shown below. The expansion pop-up is shown below and to the left, and a phrase completion pop-up to the right. In this case, typing "compl" and then pausing for a moment, causes Spell Catcher to suggest through this pop-up how you might want to finish the word you are typing. Example Expansion Pop-up phrase Completion Example

Frank Jones If you are new to Spell Catcher, you may be new to the concept of expansions. Shorthand expansions (as we called them) are a long standing feature of Spell Catcher. If there is a phrase that you are tired of typing, you can create a shorthand that will expand into that phrase whenever you type it, in whatever application you are using.

The expansion shown to the right expands as shown below, whenever Frank Jones types "yt". It doesn't matter what application he is using, of course this expansion lends itself to closing a business letter or an e-mail.

Yours truly,

Frank Jones,
Marketing Director,
Exploding Toy Company