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Spell Catcher Plus / Spell Catcher Plus Lite - Feature Overview

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Spell Catcher Plus performs spell checking as you type for all your Windows applications. Spell Catcher Plus can be used instead of or along with any built-in checking capabilities that an application (like Microsoft Word) may already include.

Spell Catcher Plus Features

If you write email, letters, or documents, Spell Catcher Plus has some handy features to make your job easier, faster, and improve your writing skills.

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To get an idea of how Spell Catcher Plus works, download Spell Catcher Plus and try it out for yourself... free for 15 days. See how it works with the applications that you use most.

Spell Catcher works with Microsoft Office, Outlook Express, AOL (if you're using XP), and most other applications.

Spell Catcher installs quickly, takes about 6 Mb of disk space, and can be easily uninstalled through the Control Panel/Add & Remove Programs feature.