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Other Assorted Improvements

Ghostwriter Improved

Ghost Ghostwriter is a feature that you can turn on in Spell Catcher if you want keystrokes recorded and written out to a text file as they are made. This is a feature that has been part of Spell Catcher since the program was first written for the Macintosh computer back in the mid-1980’s.

This feature was added into the Windows version of Spell Catcher with the release of version 2.5.0. A panel in Spell Catcher’s Settings dialog controls Ghostwriter’s operation. When this feature is active, a friendly ghost is displayed behind Spell Catcher’s checkmark in the Taskbar.

With version 3.0, Ghostwriter produces better textual records of what has been typed. In previous versions there was a problem with the text records because line-feed characters were not inserted after every carriage-return.

Word of caution: When Ghostwriter is active everything that is typed is recorded into text files... this includes user-ids and passwords that may have been typed to enter web-sites, or access other accounts. For this reason, a checkbox has been included in the Ghostwriter panel to ask you if you want these files deleted whenever you quit Spell Catcher.

Key Request Process Simplified

Spell Catcher installations run beyond the 15 day trial period when a license (purchased here) is used to request a key for that installation. While keys are not transferable from machine to machine, a single license is all that is needed to request keys for each PC that a family owns.

In previous versions, the licensing information had to be typed into the Request Key dialog. This caused lots of problems, since people would spell their name differently from time-to-time, or they might forget or mistype their license. This lead to much frustration for some.

Version 3.0 takes advantage of URL Protocols (something technical) to allow clicks on hyperlinks that will take license holders directly to the Request Key dialog with all their licensing information filled in! If you have version 3.0 installed now, you can click on this example license to be taken to Spell Catcher's Request Key dialog. Once the dialog is presented, choose how you want the key delivered (directly installed or through e-mail) and press the Submit button.

This is so much simpler for everyone. These hyperlinks are included in the e-mail that new licensees receive after making a purchase. Soon these hyperlinks will be included in the e-mail that is sent out to those who have lost their licensing information, and request an e-mail reminder.

New Lower Priced “Lite” Version

The fully-feature packed version of Spell Catcher for Windows sells for $39.95. We now offer a lower priced Spell Catcher Plus “Lite” product for only $29.95. What’s the difference between Spell Catcher Plus and Spell Catcher Plus Lite?

Those who purchase a “Lite” version and decide at a later date that they want to upgrade their license to a “full” version can do so easily. The cost of upgrading a license is $14.95. When an upgrade is performed there is no need to reinstall any software. Once the upgrade fee has been paid, a key request will load a new key into the installation that indicates “full” access to all features is now granted.