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Phrase Completion - What is it?

Phrase Completion is a new capability that has been added to Spell Catcher in version 3.0. When this feature is turned on (it is not on by default), Spell Catcher learns what words and phrases you type and how often you type them.

As you continue to type, Spell Catcher will see that you are beginning to type a word or phrase that you've typed earlier and will present that word or phrase in a popup list so you can select it rather than type the word or phrase to completion.

Phrase Completion ListFor instance, you may be writing a report on the American Revolution. After typing American Revolution a few times, you'll notice that Spell Catcher presents American Revolution in a popup phrase completion list. You can adjust the font used in the popup list, its size, and the background color to you liking. In this case, after I've type "Amer" and paused for a moment, Spell Catcher presents the phrase completion popup as shown above. Rather than finish typing the phrase, I can choose it from the list for completion.

Phrase SettingsPhrase Completion is controlled by a new panel in Spell Catcher's Settings dialog. As you can see in the image to the right, there are lots of settings that adjust how this new feature works.

The first checkbox turns Phrase Completion on and off. Other settings allow you to control the minimum length of a phrase, how many characters have to be typed before phrase completion suggestions are shown, and the maximum number of phrases that can be kept in a "phrase file".

You can also control how quickly the phrase popup list appears when you are typing. The presentation of Phrase completion popup can be delayed from 0 to 1000 milliseconds (1 second). If you set the delay to 0, the phrase list appears whenever there are suggestions. This can be annoying if you are a fast typist since the popup list may flash with each character that you type, so you may want to set the delay to around 500ms. If you are a slower typist, you may want the phrase list to appear more quickly and with each character that you type, so there is better opportunity to select a word or phrase to be completed for you.

Your best bet is to download this new version of Spell Catcher and try this feature to determine what settings suit you best. Remember, this feature is OFF by default, so you have to open Spell Catcher's Settings dialog and turn it ON in order to get Phrase Completion working for you.