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Spell Catcher expands your typing!

Below you can see Spell Catcher being used with MS Word. Here, Spell Catcher is expanding “sc“ into “Spell Catcher“ whenever it is typed, and corrects the words “workking” and “timme”.

Expansions are one of Spell Catcher’s most powerful features. They save you time and keystrokes by providing quick and consistent results. Once you have created an expansion it will occur whenever you type the shorthand expression that triggers the expansion. In this case, you type “sc” and it is replaced by “Spell Catcher”. This will happen in whatever application you are using.

Spell Catcher expansions

Why type a few words, a sentence, or even a paragraph when a few characters are all that is needed?

Nancy The image to the right shows you an expansion that “Nancy Smith” might use to close out an e-mail. All she needs to type is “ns“ and Spell Catcher expands it for her. Expansions can be up to 8,000 characters long - eliminating the need for you to type the same phrase repeatedly throughout your day.

Keywords, such as <TAB>, can be included in expansions. This lets you create a single expansion that can fill in several fields in a form. Indeed, you can create an expansion that will fill in an entire form for you except for a single field. It will also place the insertion point in that field, so you can easily fill it in.

What more can Spell Catcher do for you?

In addition to checking your typing and performing expansions, Spell Catcher also offers Phrase Completion.

Download a free trial of Spell Catcher Plus and try it out for 15 days. We think you'll like it!

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