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Can’t quite find the word you’re looking for? Spell Catcher gives you access two US English thesauri and a dictionary with definitions. Select a word and Spell Catcher will look it up in these three references - offering you a chance to express yourself more precisely or eloquently. Spell Catcher also includes thesauri for most European languages.

Below you can see Spell Catcher being used with Notepad. After the words “improve”, “writing”, and “using” are typed, Spell Catcher’s Look Up dialog is opened to search for a replacement.

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Located in Europe or have multilingual talents?

Be sure to download whatever language packages you need... most of them are free.

Anything else?

Spell Catcher offers much more - rather then discuss it in detail, here’s a list of some of what’s offered. Your best bet is to try out Spell Catcher with the applications that you use most each day. See how much time you save - and confidence you gain knowing that your text has been checked for typos.

Other features included with Spell Catcher:

Spell Catcher costs only $40 after you've had a 15 day free trial!
A $30 version, that has all of Spell Catcher’s essential features, is also available!

Download a free trial of Spell Catcher Plus and try it out for 15 days. We think you'll like it!

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