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Phrase Completion - A Great New Feature!

Phrase Completion is a new feature that has just been added to Spell Catcher in version 3.0. If this feature is enabled, Spell Catcher will record all phrases that you type and then subsequently present them to you in a list as you begin typing them again. Then, you can easily select them from the list rather than type them out again.

Below you can see Spell Catcher being used with AOL. As phrases that have been typed before are encountered again, Spell Catcher presents them in a pop-up list so they can be chosen for completion.

Spell Catcher phrase completion

Phrase Completion has its own panel in Spell Catcher’s Settings dialog. This lets you adjust its behavior to suit your typing ability. The default panel settings are shown below. Using this panel you can turn phrase completion on or off, adjust phrase length requirements, how quickly phrases are displayed, and how many phrases are retained.

Phrase Completion Settings

What more can Spell Catcher do for you?

Spell Catcher also includes a US English dictionary, two thesauri, and a thesaurus for most other languages.

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