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Spell Catcher Plus is ready for Vista!

If you are currently using Spell Catcher Plus for either Vista or IE7, you must update your installation.
Version 3.0 build #1842 does not work with either Vista, or the latest release of Internet Explorer, commonly called IE7.

This current build is #2174. The word replacement algorithm has been significantly reworked to accommodate IE7’s behavior which resulted in letters doubling up and being omitted in previous versions of Spell Catcher.

Download the Vista/IE7 Upgrade to get started! It’s free for all to use!

NOTE: This upgrade installs on top of your existing Spell Catcher installation without erasing any files from that installation. You should not remove you current installation before apply this update. None of your modified files or settings will be affected by this update.

A Few Words About This Update

This is pre-release software that includes an entirely new rewritten word replacement algorithm. If you notice Spell Catcher not working properly with an application after applying this update, let us know by contacting us through e-mail at either our “feedback” or “beta” e-mail accounts at rainmakerinc.com.

If any significant problem or problems are reported to us by people using this update, an improved version of this update will be made available to all once it has been prepared.

We are currently working on the next full release of Spell Catcher. There will be a call for beta testers coming shortly. Those who help test the upcoming release will be given a complimentary Spell Catcher Plus license as thanks for their help.

This upcoming release of Spell Catcher will be free to all those who have purchased Spell Catcher from us since July 2003.

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