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What's new in Spell Catcher Plus version 2.5.2

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This is a free update for those who purchased Spell Catcher Plus from Rainmaker since July 2003.

Updated Linguistics

Spell Catcher Plus version 2.5.2 incorporates the latest version of Proximity Technology's linguistic software and databases.

Updated U.S. English Spellings

We have incorporated the latest U.S. English Main Spellings database into the U.S. English Language module. This new database has more words (114,003 vs. 111,840), and contains new words that have become accepted in every day use.

New U.S. English Thesaurus

The U.S. English Language module (which is always installed with Spell Catcher Plus) now contains another very complete U.S. English-language Thesaurus, created by Franklin Electronic Publishers. This new Thesaurus is not based on the current Merriam-Webster one (which is still available, of course - there are now two you can use and choose from), and has quite different content. The content is more modern, and is slightly less formal with the wording of the results you get than the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus.

For those of you that like to see numbers, here they are:

Based on this information, the new Franklin thesaurus provides the following benefits:

The choice is yours - use both, or pick the one most suited to the task at hand!

New Languages Available

We are also making available for purchase separately the following Language Modules:

More information about these languages is available on the Spell Catcher Plus Languages page.

Improved Look Up Window

The biggest change to version 2.5.2 is the new look and functionality of the Lookup window, and the addition of a new US English Thesaurus and Word List. The Lookup window has been improved so you can easily select what references you want searched when a lookup is performed, in what order you want to see the results, and what font should be used. Lookup

This has been achieved with the addition of tabs to the Lookup window.

Click the "References Searched" tab to see what references you have loaded. The list displayed lets you order the references and indicate which you want searched.

The "Font" tab lets you specify what font you want used to display the results. The font specification panel used to be in the settings dialog. It was moved into the Lookup window for easier access.

Improved Suggestions Popup


The popup that appears when a typo is detected has been modified in several ways. Thanks go to Matthew Lewis Carroll Smith for suggesting these changes.

First off, you can see in the image to the right the popup that appears when you type the word "runn". Below the suggestions are hints to ignore the word (it's been misspelled intentionally), and learn the word (so you're not notified about it next time you type it). New to the list is F3 - Shorthand. Press F3 to create an expansion for "runn". Perhaps you'd like it to expand to "run naked through the woods". Then again, perhaps not!

A more subtle change is that you can set whether the popup now should appear with first suggestion selected. In previous versions, the first suggestion would be selected. Some users complained that if they were typing quickly towards the end of a line they could press the Enter key - inadvertently selecting the first correction. No more unintentional corrections with version 2.5.2.

Radio Btns The Typing panel within Spell Catcher's Settings dialog let's you configure how the popup should appear. The image to the left shows you the new configuration of radio buttons and checkboxes in this panel.


New Settings

The Spell Catcher Settings dialog has seen a few minor changes with this release. The "Typing" panel has been adjusted to show three radio buttons, giving you three options as to how typing errors should be presented when they are detected.

Minor changes have been made to other panels within the settings dialog, including the addition of a checkbox to the Advanced panel so that you can turn off the dialog that asks you if you want Spell Catcher enabled in a particular application.

New HTML Format Module

An HTML Format Module has been added to Spell Catcher. This means that Spell Catcher has a new clipboard format which it can use to perform Check Selection and Modify Selection. HTML is the new preferred clipboard format module to be used since it preserves styled text and is more commonly supported by other applications.

You don't have to do anything to begin using this module, just install the update. When using Check Selection, you can see which module is being used to examine clipboard contents. The clipboard format is listed at the top of the Check Selection dialog.

Send us your Feedback!

An option to send feedback e-mail to us has been added. You can send e-mail feedback by either clicking Spell Catcher's Checkmark in the system tray with the right mouse button, or from the "Contact" dialog.

NOTE: This function only works for those using Outlook Express as their mail application. If you use AOL or another mail application you may have to create the message to send feedback yourself.

Bug Fixes, Compatibility Improvements, and Enhancements

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