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What's New in Spell Catcher Plus version 2.5.3

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Spell Catcher Help

This is a free update for those who purchased Spell Catcher Plus from Rainmaker since July 2003.

Updated Help File

At last - an updated help file has been added into Spell Catcher. This will be most helpful to new users since it outlines the basic uses of Spell Catcher and includes examples.

As well, most of Spell Catcher's dialogs now have context sensitive help. A Question Mark symbol on the window's title bar near the close box indicates that context-sensitive help is available in the dialog. To get help on any dialog item, click it using the right mouse button and select "What's This?" from the popup menu that appears.

Settings Panels Reorganized

The panels in Spell Catcher's Settings dialog have been reorganized, and a few items have been renamed for better clarity. For instance, the panel "Error Sounds" has been renamed to "Sound Control" since Spell Catcher can now play a sound (by default a short "tink" sound) each time an expansion is performed.

You can select an alternate sound or turn this sound off if you don't like it by selecting - NO SOUND - from the drop down list.

You do not need to trash your current settings when updating to version 2.5.3.

Operational Improvements

This release includes several improvements in the way Spell Catcher replaces words, performs clipboard operations, and processes keystrokes when keyboards are subject to a foreign input language.

All these changes are designed to make sure that interactive replacements are performed properly (no left-over characters in your text), and that paste operations from the clipboard into your document happen when you expect them too.

Send us your Feedback!

An option to send feedback e-mail to us has been added. You can send e-mail feedback by either clicking Spell Catcher's Checkmark in the system tray with the right mouse button, or from the "Contact" dialog.

NOTE: This function only works for those using Outlook Express as their mail application. If you use AOL or another mail application you may have to create the message to send feedback yourself.

Bug Fixes, Compatibility Improvements, and Enhancements

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