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Announcing Spell Catcher Plus for Windows version 2.6.0 Beta Test!

I’m looking for 30 Windows users to help me beta test the upcoming version of Spell Catcher Plus for Windows. Everyone who actively participates in the beta test will be given a free Spell Catcher Plus license as thanks for their help in testing the newest release.

If you want to participate in this beta test, all you have to do is send me an e-mail with your name, e-mail address, and mention which Windows OS you are using. I’ll send you an e-mail with all the instructions that you need to participate.

What’s new in Spell Catcher Plus version 2.6.0?

In a few words - PHRASE COMPLETION, also called AUTO-COMPLETION. This has been requested by a number of Spell Catcher users. It’s something that we’ve been planning to add for a while and are pleased to announce that it’s looking pretty solid at this point.

What does Phrase Completion do?

When phrase completion is turned on Spell Catcher tracks words and word pairs that you type. As you continue along and begin to type a word that you’ve already typed, Spell Catcher presents a popup list of words and phrases that you may be in the process of typing again. Rather than complete the word or phrase that you intend, you can choose the completion that you want from the list that Spell Catcher has presented. You make this choice from the popup list by using either the keyboard or the mouse.

Phrase Completion The best way to demonstrate phrase completion is to provide an example. The image to the right shows the popup Spell Catcher presents after I’ve typed “ph”. Rather than type “phrase completion” every time, I can select it from the popup list. This can be very handy, for instance if you are writing a report on the American Revolution. You just have to type “Am“, and Spell Catcher will suggest that you may want the phrase “American Revolution“ inserted into your text.

Spell Catcher dynamically adjusts the list as you are typing, so the phrase that you are typing tends to gravitate towards the top of the list. Additionally, the popup list may contain shorthand expansions that you’ve defined - so it’s really a combination of phrases and shorthand expansions.

Phrase Completion When I type “sc” Spell Catcher prepares the list shown to the right. The horizontal bar separates phrases from glossary expansions that I’ve defined. When you hover over a glossary expansion you can see it’s shorthand and have the opportunity to review it in the reference in which it is defined by pressing F3.

Date and Time Expansion

Date and Time Expasions Improved

Entering “dd” or “tt” has always produced a date or time expansion. We’ve gotten a number of suggestions from European users that this feature should be more flexible, so that you can specifically set how you want the expansion to appear. Generally Europeans express date in the form YYYY-MM-DD. This date format has never been available, until now.

With the new Customize Date and Time Expansions dialog you can specify how your date and time expansions should appear. This feature is available through Spell Catcher’s Settings dialog, Shorthand Expansion panel.

Should you help Beta Test version 2.6.0?

Yes, this product has evolved through feedback from users, and this is the best time to make suggestions, since there is a good chance they can be incorporated into the upcoming release.

We hope you decide to participate in the beta test. It’s got some great new features that need testing prior to the general release next year. Those who participate actively in the beta test will be given a free Spell Catcher Plus license as thanks for their help.

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