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What’s New in Spell Catcher Plus version 3.0

If you are currently using Spell Catcher Plus for Windows, we strongly recommended updating to version 3.0. Version 3.0 adds a number of great new features, along with greatly improved performance and reliability. Your Spell Catcher Plus settings and customized Learned Words and Shorthand Glossary files will remain intact and in-place.

Download the Spell Catcher Plus 3.0 installer and get started! It’s free for those who have already purchased Spell Catcher Plus from us!

NOTE: If you already have Spell Catcher Plus version 3.0 installed, and were brought to this page by doing a Version Check, a newer build is now available. It is recommended that you update to this newer build.

Changes and Additions

Here are the significant additions and improvements that have been made to Spell Catcher with this release. Follow the link for any feature to find out more.

Almost every aspect of Spell Catcher Plus has been improved to make this the best possible typing assistant available for the Windows operating system! Spell Catcher checks your spelling as you type, can check existing text and documents, and helps speed your writing with shorthand expansions and phrase completion. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though! If you’re not familiar with Spell Catcher Plus, you should learn more.

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