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Welcome to Spell Catcher Plus Version 3.0!

Please read on to find out more about the best typing aid you can use! Those that do use Spell Catcher report that it's one of the most appreciated additions to their PC. Take a few moments to download our 3 MB installer and give Spell Catcher a try.

Spell Catcher corrections To the right you can see how Spell Catcher detects a spelling mistake or typo. A popup suggestion list presents alternatives to the word you have just typed - making correction a snap.

You do not have to interrupt your typing to correct the word immediately. Spell Catcher lets you type as much as you want and then go back to make corrections after you have finished getting your thoughts down.

Spell Catcher works with every application that you have, including MS Word and Excel, AOL, all browsers and mail apps, and all data base clients. Spell Catcher stays with you as you move from application to application, checking as you type, wherever you type. If you don't want your typing checked, it is easy to turn Spell Catcher "off" when you are working with some applications, and have it "on" when working with other apps.

Spell Catcher does more than just spell check your typing. It automatically corrects common mistakes, and expands abbreviations into larger phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

Spell Catcher costs only $40 after you've had a 15 day free trial!

A $30 version, that has all of Spell Catcher's essential features, is also available!

Located in Europe or have multi-lingual talents?

Be sure to download whatever language packages you need... most of them are free.

Try the free trial, and feel free to ask questions - contact our support address.

What more can Spell Catcher do for you?

In addition to checking your typing, Spell Catcher also performs Auto-Correction and Typing Expansions.

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Download a free trial of version 3.0 and try it out for 15 days. We think you'll like it!

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