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Spell Catcher Plus Writing Features

The Spell Catcher Plus Menu

Spell Catcher Plus Taskbar Menu All of Spell Catcher’s functionality is conveniently accessible by clicking Spell Catcher’s checkmark, which is located in Windows task bar. From here you can explore all of Spell Catcher’s features. Most impressive are the settings which let you adjust how Spell Catcher performs in general and lets you make any additional modifications to Spell Catcher’s operation that may be required by a specific application.

Interactive Checking

Suggest Spelling When Spell Catcher is watching what you type it looks for different kinds of errors. Spell Catcher will tell you about spelling errors, capitalization errors, punctuation, and double word errors. When one of these occurs you will be notified either by an audible alarm or by seeing the checkmark starting to flash. In any case, you can either keep typing or deal with the current error by opening the Suggest Spelling window.

Here you see the suggestions for the word “beloww”. In this case, just press the “1” key to select the correct spelling “below” and the word is corrected in whatever application you are using.

You can also teach Spell Catcher words (like your last name) so it doesn’t bother you with them in future.

Check Selection

Spell Catcher works either interactively or in a batch mode which is what it does when processing selected text.

Here you see the dialog that Spell Catcher presents when there are corrections to be made to some selected text. Once you’re satisfied with all the corrections, press Done, and Spell Catcher will ask you if you want the changes pasted back into the document in which you are working.

Check Selection

Check Selection - no errorsOf course, if Spell Catcher doesn’t find any errors then you will be presented with a little peace of mind.

Shorthand Glossary

Spell Catcher and also be taught useful shorthand expansions to phrases that you commonly type like “tgif” so that it expands to “thank God it’s Friday”. Expansions can be as long as 8,000 characters!

Shorthand Glossaries