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Spell Catcher's Services Menu Items

This section describes the Spell Catcher commands that are available in the Mac OS X Services menu. Spell Catcher's services operate on text selections-you must select some text in the document you are working in to enable these commands.

Note: Not all applications support the Services menu. You can always use the commands in Spell Catcher's Input menu and Dock menu in these applications.

Spell Catcher Menu

Spell Catcher commands in the Services menu

Check Selection

Displays the Check Selection window, checking the spelling of the selected text in the active window. See Check Selection for more details about using Check Selection.

Check Word

Displays the Check Word window, with suggested alternate spellings for the word that is highlighted in the active application.

Look Up

When you want to consult Spell Catcher's impressive collection of built-in reference books-such as its definitions dictionary or thesaurus-this is the command you want. If you've just typed the word you want to look up, and Interactive Checking is on, the wording of the command changes to reflect the last word you typed (it might say, for example, Look Up "fishy"). You can also highlight any word you've previously typed and then choose Look Up Selection from the Input menu.

For a complete discussion of the Look Up command, see Look Up.

Find In References

When you choose this command, the Find in Reference window appears, showing you a list of reference files that contain the selected word.

Modify Selection

Use this command to mass-edit chunks of highlighted text in almost any program. You'll be asked how you want to change the highlighted material-make its quotation marks curly, change it from all capitals to standard capitalized text, and so on.

For a complete discussion of the Modify Selection command and its options, see Modify Selection. For now, simply note that you must highlight some text in some program before using this command; otherwise, you'll produce nothing more than an error sound.

New Shorthand

This command creates a new shorthand, using the currently-selected text as its expansion. The new shorthand is created in the most-recently added-to Shorthand Glossary document for the current language.

Modify Selection Menu

Spell Catcher Modify Selection commands in the Services menu

The Modify Selection menu will display all of Spell Catcher's built-in modules, and any Macros you've checked the In Services? box for in the Edit Macros window. See the Text Manipulation chapter for more information.

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