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Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

Almost every command in Spell Catcher’s Input menu has a keyboard shortcut-for example, instead of choosing Interactive Checking from this menu, you can press Command-Option-I.

Spell Catcher’s key combinations are designed not to conflict with keyboard shortcuts in the programs you use every day. As a result, you may find some of the factory-installed keyboard shortcuts harder to remember than you’d like. No problem-you can change them easily enough.

Click the Shortcuts icon in the Preferences window’s toolbar. You see an outline view representation of the Input menu.

Shortcuts Preferences
  1. Click the command whose keyboard shortcut you want to change.
    Click Set if you wish to change the shortcut, Remove if you wish to eliminate the shortcut, Item Default if you wish to restore it to Spell Catcher’s default setting, or Item Universal to make it the same as the current Universal shortcut. After clicking Set, press the keyboard combination you’d rather use (Set changes to read Waiting...).

    You can’t choose shortcuts that are already assigned to other items, or shortcuts that are reserved for use by the System and all applications. It is possible to assign an unreserved shortcut that’s used by some other application (a menu item or hotkey for example). It’s best to try to avoid this, as the results are generally unpredictable when the same menu shortcut or hotkey are used by two different applications.
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