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This help book is provided to assist you in becoming familiar with Spell Catcher X.

You will find information on how to use various features in Spell Catcher X, and tutorial information to get you started using Spell Catcher. You will also learn how to configure Spell Catcher X to fit the way you work.

If you are new to Spell Catcher X, start by reading the rest of this page, then go through the Crash Course tutorial.

More help is available if you can’t find what you’re looking for here. A PDF of the Spell Catcher manual, other documentation and access to web resources are available from the Spell Catcher application’s Help menu.

In the Spell Catcher X application itself, help is also available in the form of help tags. If you are in doubt about what a particular button, checkbox, menu command or other control does, hover the mouse over that item for a few seconds to view its help tag. These are also useful in certain cases if you are wondering why a particular button might be disabled - the help tag will often tell the answer.

Help Tag (ToolTip) for the Shorthand button Help Tag (ToolTip) for the Shorthand button when disabled

Help buttons Mac OS X Help button are also scattered throughout the Spell Catcher application. Don’t hesitate to click one!

Answers to frequently-asked-questions (FAQs), along with late-breaking news, can be found in our web site’s FAQs and Knowledge Base.

We also have a Technical Support Forum where you can search for answers or post questions.

If you are experiencing problems, please refer to Troubleshooting for assistance.

If you are unable to resolve your issue, see Support and Contacts for more information, or visit our web site at www.rainmakerinc.com.

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