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Ghostwriter: Recovering Your Work

Once you've established your safety net, there's nothing more to using Ghostwriter until a crisis actually occurs. At that point, it's time to open up the Ghostwriter text files to retrieve your lost text.

  1. In Spell Catcher's Preferences window, click the Ghostwriter icon in the toolbar. Click the "Show Ghostwriter Files" button to view them in the Finder (or navigate to your (home) ~/Library/Application Support/Spell Catcher/Ghostwriter Files folder).

  2. Navigate to the folder corresponding to the date when you typed the lost work, and then to the folder corresponding to the name of the application you were using.

    Inside each program-named folder is a file named for the window you were typing in (or a single file, depending on how you've set your Ghostwriter "How to Save" preferences, described below).

  3. Double-click the file you're interested in, it will open with the TextEdit application.

    While the saved text should be quite recognizable, it appears in the order you typed it. If you jumped around in the document, inserting text here and a phrase there, it will not appear in the order it does in the actual finished document.

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