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Welcome to Spell Catcher X

Welcome to Spell Catcher X! You now own a powerful writing tool-a program that's so much more than a spelling checker, its name only hints at its capabilities.

Spell Catcher is not only the most polished spelling checker you can buy, but also a dictionary, thesaurus, abbreviation-expanding typing saver, and an electronic proofreader.

What Spell Catcher Does

If you type on the Mac, you'll probably find a Spell Catcher feature that helps you.

Spell Checking

Spell Catcher began life as a spelling checker-not just any spelling checker, but a fast, highly optimized one.

But since most modern word processors, e-mail programs, page-layout programs, and even graphics programs come with their own built-in spelling checkers, you may wonder why you'd bother buying yet another one.

The answer is simple: Spell Catcher works in every program-spreadsheets, address book software, calendar programs, and many other kinds of programs that don't have spell checking at all. Furthermore, by turning over all your spelling operations to a single centralized program, you achieve three useful goals:

Spell Catcher is also far more customizable than the built-in spelling checkers in the programs you already own. For example, you have your choice of interactive spell checking (where Spell Catcher beeps whenever you make a spelling mistake) or traditional spell checking, where Spell Catcher runs after you're finished typing. You can choose to see Spell Catcher's correction suggestions appear only when you ask for them, or automatically whenever you make a typo. You can keep Spell Catcher turned on or off individually in every program you own. You can check spelling in eight different languages. All of this is just the beginning.

Definitions Dictionary

Even if you never use Spell Catcher to check your spelling, you may get plenty of mileage out of the program's built-in definitions dictionary-a real dictionary, complete with definitions and pronunciation guides. Spell Catcher can even say the word you are looking up out loud!


Spell Catcher is also an electronic book of synonyms and antonyms. With the click of a mouse, you can enliven your writing by replacing a word like big with choices like huge, gigantic, enormous, colossal, and so on.

Look Up Words on the Internet

If you can't find what you're looking for in the Thesaurus or Dictionary Definitions, or are in search of even more results from the Look Up command, why not consult the Internet? Spell Catcher X 10.2 can look up definitions and matches from the numerous online Dictionary (DICT) Servers that are available on the web.

Shorthand Glossary

Spell Catcher can expand abbreviations that you design (such as bc and yfbg) into frequently used phrases (such as because and Your friend, Bill Gates). This expansion takes place automatically, on the fly, as you type-you don't have to press any special keystroke or do anything special to expand these phrases. Over your working career, these shortcut expansion features can save you hundreds of hours of typing.

Finishes What You're Typing For You

Spell Catcher's Completion feature can finish the word you're typing by finding matches for what's been typed so far, then displaying them in a handy pop-up list. You can usually choose the one you're after with a single keystroke. Matches can come from your own Learned Words and Shorthands, the dictionary, even your Address Book!

Proofreading And Text Manipulation

Spell Catcher also replaces an assortment of add-on proofreading software. For example, it can automatically turn the typographically incorrect straight quotes ("like this") into the proper curly quotes ("like this"); convert double hyphens (--) into actual long dashes (-); automatically correct DOubled CApitals that you type when you're in a hurry; capitalize the first letter of every sentence; and so on.

If you're an Internet user (and who isn't in today's world), you may also appreciate Spell Catcher's Macros, which can, in one fell swoop, clean up hard-to-read, irregularly formatted e-mail and bulletin board postings from the Net.

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