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Look Up - The Thesaurus, Dictionary and Dictionary Servers

Even if you never make a typo and have perfect spelling, you may still get mileage out of Spell Catcher’s second persona: a writer’s reference book. In less time than it would take you to even find a traditional dictionary on your bookshelf, you can look up the definition of any word in Spell Catcher, consult one of Spell Catcher’s thesauri to find synonyms, antonyms and other related words, or access one of the many Dictionary (DICT) Servers that are available on the Internet.

Here’s how these features work.

Using The Thesaurus

Spell Catcher’s built-in U.S. English thesauri offer over a million responses for more than 120,000 words you can look up.

Opening The Look Up Window

You can look up a word to find synonyms (words that mean the same thing) or antonyms (words that mean the opposite)-either before you’ve typed the word into your document or after.

Looking Up A Word You Haven’t Typed Yet

Here’s how you might look up synonyms for a word you haven’t actually typed into any document.

  1. From the Input menu, choose Look Up Selection.
    The Look Up window appears. It’s empty.

    Look Up Window

  2. If you’re only interested in results from the Thesaurus, make sure that Thesaurus is checked and that Dictionary Definitions and Online Dictionary Server is deselected (unless you want those results to appear as well).

  3. Type the word you want synonyms for, and then press Return. Alternatively, you can click the Look Up button with your mouse. As shown below, Spell Catcher now displays a list of words that “match” the one you typed. See “How to use the Look Up window” in the next section.

    Look Up "justice"

Looking Up A Word You’ve Just Typed

Suppose you’re typing along in your document- all creatures great and tiny-and it occurs to you that tiny may not be exact word that suits the phrase.

From the Input menu, choose Look Up “tiny.” (When you’re typing, this command always displays the most recently typed word when Interactive Checking is turned on. See Interactive Checking for details on Interactive checking.)

Looking Up A Word You’ve Highlighted In Your Document

You can also look up synonyms or antonyms for a word you’ve highlighted in any document. To do so, choose Look Up Selection from either the Input menu, the Spell Catcher menu in the application’s Services menu, or from Spell Catcher’s Dock menu.

Once again, the Look Up window appears, already showing the definition and synonyms for the highlighted word.

How To Use The Look Up Window

No matter how you got to the Look Up window, once it’s showing you synonyms, you can proceed in any of several ways.

Tip: You can change the order of the items in that display in the Look Up window. To have THESAURUS items display before DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS, simply drag the THESAURUS item to the top of the list.

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