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Preferences - Customizing Spell Catcher X

If there’s a spelling checker on earth that’s more customizable than Spell Catcher, we have yet to meet it. Spell Catcher’s Preferences window is where you customize the vast majority of its many behaviors to suit your needs. In fact, you can set most of Spell Catcher’s preferences to behave differently depending on the application you are using it with (if you are so inclined).

To open Spell Catcher’s Preferences window, choose Preferences... from the Input menu, from the Spell Catcher menu (when Spell Catcher is the active application), or from Spell Catcher’s Dock menu.

Spell Catcher Preferences window

More details are available for most preferences in the form of explanatory text (usually below the controls for that preference), or a help tag (hover the mouse for a few seconds).

Application-Specific Preferences

Almost all of Spell Catcher’s preferences can be set on a per-application basis. Clicking the Applications icon will open a drawer showing the applications with preferences set different from Spell Catcher’s Universal settings. Applications are automatically removed from the list if its preferences are configured the same as those for Universal.

To set Spell Catcher’s preferences for a specific application, first add it to the list (if necessary) by clicking the [+] button, or dragging it to the list from the Finder. Select that application, then configure Spell Catcher’s preferences for it. If you add an application to the list, but don’t change any preferences for it, it appears in red (as a reminder), and will automatically be removed from the list when you close the Preferences window.

Tip: Double-clicking an application will open it, provided Spell Catcher can locate it.
Tip: Hover the mouse over an application to see a tooltip with its location on your hard disk.

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